Soul Series Season 2: Shelly Guitian

Happy Thursday, Soul Tribe! Welcome back to the last interview of season 2's Soul Series! This week I am bringing you an exclusive 1:1 with Shelly Guitian aka Shelly Lynne Wellness.

I met Shelly through SoulSistersOnFire on facebook and quickly loved her and her mission. She empowers women to learn about their cycle, take back their cycle, and use nutrition to go deep within yourself. I had a one on one zoom call with her after I finished her program, The Sacred Circle, and I can honestly tell you that she is a magical human who really has so much knowledge and so much to offer. She cares about her clients and the health and well-being of them, which in today's industry sometimes can (sadly) be rare.

I am so excited to bring you the last installment of series two with Shelly! Enjoy <3

1. To kick off, this is a question I have always wanted to talk more about with you, but we’ve never had a 1:1 formal thing before. I’m curious to know about your experience with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN)? How long did it take you, what were your favorite courses, how does IIN work for anyone curious like myself?

I was guided to IIN back in 2015. That was the very beginning of my spiritual awakening and a time when I was just acknowledging that I had been suffering in silence, unmedicated from postpardum depression for about a year. My gut health, mental health and nutrition were in shambles and my one year old was suffering from food allergies and sensitivities, which caused him to constantly be sick with either digestive distress or viral infections from inflammation and a weak immune system. We recently found out that the true root of all of our symptoms was caused by heavy metal induced auto immune disease, which we are both currently undergoing treatment for. When our bodies are taking in heavy metals at a faster rate they they can be eliminated, the metals get trapped inside of our bodies and cause a very long list of symptoms. I passed my heavy metals onto my son while he was in the womb. IIN was a blessing from a higher source and taught me to always look deeper to get to the root of the issue, an integral approach, rather than just treating symptoms on the surface level. It took me one year to complete my certification, which was entirely online. I had the opportunity to meet Joshua Rosenthal in Miami at a little beach gathering about halfway through my program and that was truly amazing and inspirational! He has such great energy! So, IIN sparked the beginning of my journey within. I think the biggest reward from this certification has been how much it has effected the health of my nuclear family. After about a year of nutritional and gut health overhaul and working simultaneously with several other homeopathic practitioners, my son is free and clear of food allergies and sensitivities to egg, dairy, gluten and soy. I'm very proud of that. Additionally, we do not keep any over the counter medications in our home and treat our illnesses and ailments naturally and with homeopathy. My son is 3.5 and has never been on an antibiotic and I haven't taken an antibiotic in over two years. Another blessing that has sprung from attending IIN is that it has lead me down the path of studying hormones and their effect on women's health in particular. After my struggle with postpardum depression, it became extremely clear to me how much work needs to be done in terms of women's health and childbirth in our country. I learned that each year 900,000 women suffer from postpardum depression and C-Sections account for an average of 33% of all childbirths in our country and in some cities it is closer to 90%. This is part of the reason why I have chosen to become a Doula through Birth Arts International. It is evidently clear that women need more resources and support and we all need to be asking more questions. If somebody is interested in learning how to take complete charge of their own health and then take that knowledge to help others, as an Ambassador of IIN, I believe that this is an excellent pathway. Here is a link to a sample class...

2. You are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the feminine body and understanding and eating to the different phases of a woman’s cycle? How did you get into this and what can you share that all women SHOULD know about their cycles/bodies during their cycle?

Learning how to embrace and embody femininity has been quite a journey for me. I think that by default, our culture has cultivated an overwhelming amount of masculine/linear energy. So, if we are not making an effort to actually embrace our own unique feminine energy and create fluidity within our lives, then we are setting ourselves up for emotional breakdown and defeat. As women, it is virtually impossible to live a linear lifestyle. As much as we may try to fit into that linear mold, we cannot stay true to it, because it is not authentic. We can thank our Endocrine System and hormones for that. I used to work in the financial industry, which is a very masculine field. On Monday morning, I would hit the "Go" button and catapult myself into the work week. I would work through lunch, respond to email at night and on the weekends and it just never ended. I saw self-care and emotion as signs of weakness rather than embracing it as my power. After my son was born, I set this expectation for myself to just "bounce back," but my body and emotions told me otherwise and I finally started to listen. That is when I began to lean into more of a feminine lifestyle. In 2015, I registered for the Microbiome Medicine Summit and heard Alyssa Vitti speak all about Cycle Syncing and how gut health ties into our Endocrine System. I read her book, The Woman Code and some of my program is based on her amazing work. Alyssa is also an IIN graduate and she is a wealth of knowledge with an incredibly successful practice in Manhattan. I have learned that femininity needs to be invited in, because it will not go where it is not welcome. That is the biggest piece of advice that I can give to another woman who is looking to dive into this. My mentor always says that we need to invite femininity in and allow ourselves to soften. It begins within you. Ask yourself, what does being feminine mean to you, what is nourishing and what do you truly desire? Start there. Where's the resistance? Get to the root of it and go as deep as you will allow yourself to go. The experience and path is different for everybody, but the Universe will certainly guide you if you allow.

3. know, for one, that I am super excited to part of your e-course, The Sacred Circle! Can you share some information on this course and what your aim is with it?

I just launched The Sacred Circle 7 Day E-Course, which I am thrilled about. It's a course designed to teach women how to become more intuitive with their bodies and hormonal cues. During this course, I will teach you how to recognize symptoms of hormonal imbalance, how to eat, exercise and plan your activities based on your body's specific needs during each of the four phases of their menstrual cycle. This technique and knowledge has been extremely helpful for me and I want to share it wide and far. I am also including a printable Sacred Planner, which is a tool used to check-in with yourself every morning and evening, as well as a Moon Calendar so that you can begin the habit of tracking your cycle with the moon. This course is designed for women who are on hormonal birth control as well as those who are not. Whether you are trying to conceive, trying to avoid pregnancy or you're just looking for a way to become more in-tune with your feminine rhythm on a holistic level.

4. How do you keep running your own business, self-Shelly time, and time with your family and sweet baby all balanced? I love to hear how others keep their “busy” (I hate using that word!) lives balanced? I know I have my own ways, but I think it’s an important thing to learn from others?

I believe that balance is a total myth and instead I try to do my alignment work daily as well as i've implemented a very cyclical foundation into my business planning. I use Vanessa Corazon's Sacred Launch Business Planner and I also work with Natalie Brite in her Goddess Rising Business Academy so that I can stay aligned with what makes me feel good. Additionally, my mentor, Stacey Ramsower is teaching me how to build a stable self care ritual and deepen my self-trust within her Food.Sleep.Sex. mentorship program. I feel like i've just given away all of my best kept secrets ;). These women are my rocks and keep me accountable and on my toes. From one female entrepreneur to another, find your mentors and find your flow!

5. Did you always know you wanted to have your own business or is it something that up for you later down in your life path?

I remember working in the financial world as a Sales Assistant for a wealth management firm and I would spend some of my lunch breaks brainstorming creative business ideas. One of them was a designer hand-bag rental business, another was a scheduling company called Dialed In. I actually ended up following through with Dialed In and my husband (an incredibly smart IT professional) built my CRM Software as well as an App to go along with it. My only flaw was that I couldn't scale and I didn't have the capital to grow. Eventually, I burnt out and folded. So, all of the situations that lead me to IIN and to this point were truly blessings that encouraged me to dive deeper into finding and understanding my authenticity. At this point, I see my career as a dream come true and while I may not see exactly what the future holds, i'm certainly excited to watch it unfold.

6. I have been flipping back on forth about going off of my birth control pill and switching to a more natural way, such as the thermometer method. How do you feel about birth control via the pill, any of the inserts you put into your arm or body, and the more natural methods? I would love to hear as it can be hard to gain clarity on these issues with so much information, fake and real, running about the internet.

I started using hormonal birth control when I was a teenager and stopped when I met my husband a decade ago. I've tried the pill as well as the Nuva Ring and while it kept me from having to even think about my period until I bled each month, it didn't do me any other favors. I had cramps that were so painful it would make me vomit and lived on Midol and Caffeine for seven days out of the month just so that I could "keep up." Synthetic hormones trick our bodies into thinking that we are pregnant and omits ovulation and the follicular phases of our cycles. In fact, the creators of birth control were originally thinking about just eliminating getting a period at all for birth control users, but they thought that would be too "unnatural." Personally, I think it had to do with profits from the feminine hygiene industry, but maybe that's just the feminist in me. :) Have you ever noticed that most of the feminine hygiene commercials even use blue liquid instead of red? Huh? For birth control, I use what is called the Fertility Awareness Method, which tells me my most fertile days based on my body's natural cues, which also coincide with the Moon. This is what I also teach in my course. I know my most fertile days, (which also happen to be the days when we are naturally more sexually stimulated), I either use natural methods of birth control or I would also recommend Sustain brand condoms. Synthetic hormones can cause a whole slew of symptoms that we have just become accustomed to and many of us think that it is normal to experience and it's not. By learning your body's cues, syncing your cycle through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, any woman can work with her practitioner to transition off of birth control and even if you are more comfortable with using birth control and still experiencing all four phases of your cycle, I would recommend the copper coiled Paraguard, which does not contain any synthetic hormones, but still has it's risks.

7. What’s in store for 2018 and what can you share with us?!

In 2018, I am hoping to tie up my Doula certification and i'm looking for an organization to volunteer with so that I can learn by observation before taking on my own Doula clientele. Additionally, I am working on an E-book collaboration with five other gorgeous and empowered female entrepreneurs as well as my own solo E-book which will tie into The Sacred Circle course. I'm also collaborating with 24 women within my private Facebook Group (Anchor.Align. Awaken) for the #TrueNorthTuesday live chats, when we will chat it up about anything within the Sacred Wheel of life (Relationships, Joy, Career, Education, Health, Home Cooking, Spirituality, Finances, Physical Activity, Home Environment, and Social Life). These areas are our anchors and when we are working in alignment with what we truly desire in each area, we can truly nourish our roots by honoring our body, mind and soul and create healthier lifelong habits. I'm sure that this year has much more in store, but this is what i'm focusing on at the moment. My words for 2018 are Anchor, Align and Awaken.


8. Favorite Crystal?

Rose Quartz

9. Coffee or tea?

Reishi Tea and Hot Lemon Water

10. Spinach or kale?

Spinach and Sauteed Beet Greens

11. Tampon, period cup, or something else?

Menstrual Cup

12. Vanilla or chocolate?


13. Work or play?

I love and find so much joy in my work, but I also make a point to unplug with my family every single Sunday and on Monday's I focus a lot on self care and ease into my week.

Ah, my heart swells with love and compassion just re-reading this interview. I am so happy to have finally shared this one with you. Isn't she so empowering?

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Don't be afraid to speak your truth. But, always make sure it's from the heart.