Soul Series Season 2: Vicki Harding

Wow, TWO Soul Series in ONE week, what is going on? Well, to be honest, part of me couldn't continue to keep these to myself! I just wanted to share the light on these amazingly beautiful women and help all of you connect with all of them, if you are called too!

Today I am bringing you a 1:1 with Vicki Harding, a mystical woman just like me! She's into crystals, spirit guides, and she's a psychic medium! I am so pleased to bring you this interview with Vicki! Enjoy!

1. I love all the crystals you talk about on the blog. When did you get into crystals and crystal work and how did you get started?

Hi Hollie, I started playing with crystals probably around the age of 10 or 12 when I purchased a couple that looked particularly special. I loved that they were 'magic', although I didn't know what that meant or *how* they were magic! Then as I got older I received crystals as birthday gifts from an aunt who is also a psychic medium, and she taught me a lot about how to use them and how to care for them.

2. What is your favorite way to get woo woo? Your practices, routines, etc.!

Woo woo is normal for me! It's a way of life so I've really had to think about this! I talk constantly to guides though so I think my favourite practice is actually simply staying in the moment and seeking advice as I move through the day. I love to light candles as a symbol of working in the light, and I also do a quick chakra cleanse every morning in the shower to help clear any resistence, fear or negativity I might have felt or picked up the day before. Daily meditation is also a must for connecting with any guides or angels I want to work with.

3. What are you currently obsessed with? (TV shows, movies, podcasts, books, a meditation, a color, whatever!)

I am currently obsessed with yoga! It is an amazing way of staying in the moment and learning to choose peace when you're out of your comfort zone. I follow The Journey Junkie on You Tube - she is such a wonderful teacher with gorgeous energy. Look her up!

4. What is a personal goal or intention you are currently working on and WHY is it important to you?

I am working a lot on self belief and self love. Every time we upscale our lives or push out of our comfort zones we face that niggling voice that tells us we aren't good enough. It can be scary being ourselves! But the alternative is to live a dimmed down version of ourselves and who really wants that? Self love is something I will forever work on because it's the most important thing you can have. :)

5. How did you start Your Spiritual Self? Did you always have the idea of running an online business?

I started it very slowly as a tarot service offline and a blog online which kind of merged. It was never my intention to do this kind of work because it can be

hard! Not everything I tell people can be verified straight away, and not everything I tell people is ready to be received. I do this work because my heart calls me to and it's difficult to ignore spirit. (My life long ambition is actually to write a novel!) It took a while to build up the confidence to put myself out there and I'm actually still working on the confidence thing.

6. You do a lot of tarot and card work — I have to ask, is there a certain deck that is your favorite?

I love all decks for variety but truthfully I receive what I need to pass on before the cards are pulled so even a pack of playing cards will get the job done. I use the cards to reinforce the message I'm being given, so I like beautiful cards like the angel decks Doreen Virtue creates. When I was learning tarot I was told to toss the guide book away and learn to read by instinct. I thought it was stupid advice at the time, but my intuition really kicked in when I gave in and did just that!

7. You are a psychic medium, have you always known you had this gift or is it something you developed as you got a little bit older?

I've always had the ability to see and feel energy but I didn't know what to do about it as a child and I spent most of my early years feeling anxious because I picked up on all the bad vibes going. I would see spirit or hear answers and speak up, but people didn't always like that so over the years I have taken my natural ability and learnt to filter what comes through as well as develop my communication with spirit to make the link stronger. There is always something to learn so I'm forever developing and don't think I'll ever stop learning. I think everyone is born with psychic abilities, it's just some people choose to strengthen them and some dont.


8. Coffee or tea?


9. Favorite crystal?

Fluorite because it helps so much with losing mental chatter and finding clarity.

10. All time favorite book?

You can heal your life by Louise Hay. I'm an absolute believer in our natural ability to heal the physical through healing the emotional.

11. Teaching in-person or online?

Whichever is more comfortable for the person reaching out.

12. All time favorite food?

It's got to be chocolate :)

Vicki is SO cool and I'm so blessed to know her (virtually!) She has such deep insight, wisdom and knowledge in this mystical world.

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