Soul Series Season 2: Jordan Lang

Hi, my lovely Soul Tribe! It's my favorite when I go down to write the openings to one of these interviews because the women I chose to host via Soul Series are all women who light me up and have set their souls on fire through their work and honestly, I LOVE THAT!

Today I am bringing you a 1:1 with Jordan Lang of Jordan Lang Wellness. I met Jordan via SoulSistersOnFire (funny how I've made many of these connections that way!) and the passion she has in her to help mother's take back their lives and reclaim their power truly makes me so happy! I know when I have children (some day) she will be the one I go to when it comes to fluidity in business and home life with kids.

She is a beautiful soul and I'm so happy to have connected with her. I am honored to bring you this interview with the gorgeous, Jordan Lang. Enjoy!

1. Rising Mamas- Take Back Your Time is such a powerful idea for a course. While I am not a mother, I have seen how hard it can be once you become a mother to have you time. What inspired you to create this course and tell my readers a little information about the course?

I became a mother at a younger age - 22 - so most of adult life has included raising my kiddos! After my son was born in September 2016, I found myself completely overwhelmed with my schedule, not just because I had a newborn & 2 kiddos in school, but because I had totally lost who I was as an individual outside of motherhood. I played victim to my circumstances, and found myself always blame-shifting. I found myself getting so frustrated with not having any time. I would literally say I don't have time for - xyz - and use my kiddos as an excuse for why nothing could get done or why I never had time for myself. At the beginning of 2017, I worked with coaches Natalie Brite & Arielle Coree, & it was such a transformational time. I was able to identify limiting beliefs, learned how to release those things no longer serving me, and then how to replace them with positive habits for long-lasting effects. One of the main things I worked through was my victim mindset. I used to think things were just happening to me & that I didn't have any control - totally giving up my personal power. I had lost my identity within motherhood; because I wasn't making myself a priority within my schedule, I had lost who I was. I love my kids with all that I am!! Yet I was so focused on being the best mama ever that I lost the person I was in the process. With my newfound mindset, I was able to reclaim my identity & personal power within my schedule. I knew that if I was struggling with this that other mamas probably were too, so I created a program for the mama who is ready to reclaim her personal power & identity within her schedule.

*Rising Mamas - Take Back Your Time is a 3 week program dedicated to helping busy mamas reclaim their personal power & identity within their schedule. We work together to create a unique, ideal schedule that will work! We also focus on the importance of self care, specifically yoga as it's beneficial for so many areas of life. Limiting beliefs around time, scheduling & just being B U S Y are addressed. Delegating & prioritizing tasks is usually pretty hard for mamas to do as well, so that's a key thing that we work on. Overall, it's a time to help these mamas regain who they are again within motherhood & really rise up to become the best versions of themselves. I just love it!!

2. Did you always know you wanted to start your own business or is it something that came for you as you got older?

I always joke with people that I didn't know what I wanted to be "when I grew up" until I was in my early 30's! I had done the whole corporate world thing & it just was NOT for me. So I began with a network marketing company - which I loved - but still, something was missing & just felt like it wasn't a completely right fit for me. At the beginning of 2017, I had a major shift happen after working with Natalie & Arielle through their 10-day Soul|Mapping program. It was LIFE CHANGING. Throughout the 10 days, I identified limiting beliefs that I had had for years - one stemming from childhood, and the other from nearly 10 years previous. They were the root of so many of my beliefs that created these terrible habits in response - 1. I was a victim. 2. I was unworthy of anything good (success, love, joy, etc). Once these beliefs were identified, Natalie & Arielle coached me through the process of being able to release them & replace them with thoughts that now serve me. They showed me how I could throw out old habits, and begin new ones that totally lifted me up, and allowed me to reclaim my identity, personal power & authenticity..and so I did! It was incredible, and I am forever grateful that I made the investment in myself through their program.

It was at this point in my journey that it became crystal clear to me what my life purpose was - to become a coach for mothers and help them to reclaim their own identity, personal power & authenticity within motherhood as I had. I just knew that if I had been struggling so much, there HAD to be others out there feeling the same way. There's this thing within the motherhood community that you just don't share when you're struggling. It's really stupid actually, because if we just were real with each other, we would see how we all had the same daily struggles, thoughts, and issues. Instead we pretend to be these moms who have it altogether, which just creates these constant struggles with perfection, comparison, and self-judgment. I was done with that, and knew I wanted MORE. I got serious about my coaching, and worked with Natalie in her 3 month business coaching course (Goddess Rising | Biz Academy) where she helped me in SO many ways - and here I am now!

3. How do you stay balanced between your business, your husband, and your little babes?

Through keeping a schedule! It's really the best way that I've found. Having set times to work, for the kids/my husband, and especially for ME, has been the key to keeping my sanity. I find that the more I make myself a priority with self-care, the happier I am, and the more focused I am on everyone and everything else that needs my attention. It wasn't easy getting to this point, but it's honestly been the best thing for me! There are still days that I struggle with keeping the balance, but it's a process that I'm always learning and growing from.

4. What’s your favorite self-love practice?

Going on a nice, long hike in the mountains. My kiddos usually like to come with me, so it's something fun that we can do together and share with one another. If I'm going by myself, I'll bring my journal and get in some good writing time - just visualizing my dreams and goals. Being in the mountains renews my spirit and I come home feeling amazing. I also really, really like naps when I can get one!!

5. You offer a few different options for coaching — why made you want to offer different styles of coaching instead of offering just a “life coaching” where you include kind of everything?

Most of the mamas I've worked with have struggled with two main areas: mindset & healthy living. Mindset affects EVERYTHING and can really create such struggles within life. So my 1:1 Mindset Coaching option specifically focuses on identifying limiting beliefs, establishing positive habits, and shifting the mindset. Once this is done, life begins to transform! With regard to Healthy Living, it hurts my heart to see so many mamas allowing society to tell them what's the "perfect body" or the "perfect diet." So frustrating to see these women whose bodies grew children inside of them (which is freaking amazing!), feel beaten down about the way they look, and so they slip into poor choices regarding what they eat and their overall lifestyle. With this aspect of coaching, we worth together to focus more on how they want to FEEL within their own bodies & incorporate aspects of healthy living that serve them as individuals. There is no one-size-fits all, and I love that each mama is unique & different!

6. I saw on your website that a shop is coming soon, what can you tell me about that?!

I'm getting ready to launch some amazing mama-centered gear this month - shirts & tank tops to start. The graphic for each piece is being designed by me, and is tied to some aspect of motherhood in a fun and beautiful way! I'm also working on handmade affirmation cards, crystal/oil shelving, and crystal sets for kids too. I'm incredibly excited about all of it! I've been wanting to do all of these things for several months now, so it's been fun working on them and beginning to see my dreams come into reality!

7. What personal goal or intention are you currently working on and WHY is it important to you?

Personally I am working on being more PRESENT - being in the moment when I'm with my kids, not worrying about anything else, but truly being WITH them in every aspect. The same intention goes for all of the different things in life that I experience. I grew up always waiting for what was next that I actually don't remember most of my childhood and adolescence. I know now it was because I wasn't totally there - body|mind|soul. I don't want to look back 18 years from now when my son & daughters are all grown and not be able to remember it. Life is happening now, and I want to soak it in as much as possible.

Rapid Fire Questions

8. Working out alone or in a group?


9. Coffee or tea?


10. Favorite crystal?

clear quartz

11. Favorite book?

Fiction - Harry Potter series (I can't pick just one!)

Non-Fiction - You Are A Badass, Jen Sincero

12. Read a blog or listen to a podcast?

listen to a podcast

13. Favorite essential oil?


Wow, what a powerhouse is she? I'm so glad you joined me this time for another Soul Series!

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