Soul Series Season 2: Chakra Chelsie

Hi, Soul Tribe! I am so happy to be giving you another interview form the Soul Series interview sessions with some of my favorite humans! Today, I am bringing you a 1:1 with Chelsie Swokyra aka Chakra Chelsie! We first came together in some Facebook groups we had in common and I loved her energy and story. Then she announced she was doing a Renewal Retreat in April 2018 and I knew I had to sign up. Well, since it's next weekend I thought what better time to post this interview! She is a magical woman and works with her shadow self and breaking out from what you're afraid of (she read from her journal live on Facebook this week!) I am so happy to bring you my exclusive interview with Chelsie Skowyra!

1. First off, you offer so many amazing courses and healings on your website. How did you get started with Chakra Chelsie and what was your first course?

I got started with Chakra Chelsie a little bit over a year ago! It started as a blog and quickly turned into an Etsy site. I had a love for essential oils, healing crystals, and the chakras, so my business started with making healing aromatherapy sprays. After I attended Spirit Junkie Level 1 with Gabby Bernstein, my business evolved as I stepped into my true purpose. I still use healing crystals, essential oils, and the chakras in my business, it's just expanded massively.

The first course I ever offered was a course on Your Authentic Truth: Healing the Throat Chakra. I literally made PowerPoint presentations and a Facebook group. It was one of those experiences where I decided to not wait till I was ready and I'm so glad I didn't. I felt called to lead the course and I went for it! One of my favorite live videos I have done is on my own authentic truth. I recorded it outside on our porch of the old apartment complex we used to live in. It was a nice evening, so there were a ton of people outside. I unapologetically talked about archangels, chakras, energy, all the woo. There were neighbors who approached me after to let me know they enjoyed my talk. It was major for me to do this live where others could hear. It is one thing to be "woo" on the internet and with your "woo" friends, it is another to step out there and let the world know your beliefs.

2. You, like I, have suffered from depression, anxiety, and self-bullying. You also, like I, used meditation, crystals, and essential oils to help overcome and cope with these things. Can you tell my readers how you went through this change and how you felt while starting to practice these things?

So, after years of suffering, I went to graduate school to become a therapist. I would say that 90% of me went to graduate school to learn how to heal others and 10% of me went searching for how to heal myself. I quickly lost my sense of self when working with clients. The majority of my caseload was children and adolescents with complex trauma and it was difficult for me to leave work at work. These were children with very little control of their environments. This weighed on me. I'd lose sleep worrying about their safety and well-being. I felt tremendous pressure to be the perfect therapist so that these children would have a chance at a healthy life. All of this led to me getting very sick. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia since I was 20 years old, but experienced extreme flare-ups during this time of my life. The flare-ups were constant and it felt like I couldn't go more than a few days without being wiped out. I was desperate.

I'm very lucky that I had an angel disguised as a co-worker. I had been dabbling in essential oils and healing crystals for something "fun" to collect and figured if they made me happy, there must be something to them. She invited me to join a book club on May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein and my life has been forever changed. I connected with my higher self and guides and was opened up to the true metaphysical healing properties of these tools I was using. I found comfort and confidence in having my crystals on me throughout the day. In my experience, healing crystals and essential oils protect my soul. I may experience stress and bad days, but my soul doesn't hurt after. I'm able to bounce back and realign.

Meditation was by far the most powerful tool that I embraced. When I first started, I worried a lot about perfect posture, blank slate mind, etc. After learning that there were MANY different forms of meditation, my practice deepened with excitement. I loved the concept of using meditation to open my heart to my higher self. Guided meditations and listening to kundalini chanting are my preferred forms of meditating. I threw out all the "rules" to meditating and found that my intuition would guide me to exactly what I needed.

3. The Renewal Retreat, your first retreat, is being hosted in April 2018. I am so excited to be coming to Michigan to be part of it with you! How

did this idea come to you and how did you get it all planned out so quickly? I am seriously impressed!

I am SO excited for this retreat and that you'll be joining us! The day that this idea came to me (literally came to me), I had a terrible day. I had a falling out with someone who I loved dearly and it really hurt. Part of my emotional processing is to transform energy rather than always focusing on releasing it. I chose to transmute the pain into passion. All the sudden, I started having this vision of a retreat. This vision felt good and I could feel the energy being transmuted, so I ran with it. I started looking up Air BNB's near Lake Michigan. I started thinking about what we could do.

Suddenly, I was sharing all of this in the Wellness + Woo Woo Facebook group. Everyone was LOVING it. I kept the momentum going. It was another, "don't wait till you are ready" experience. I knew that planning a retreat didn't need to be hard or stressful because it was soooo intuitive. I honestly feel like my guides planned most of it! It was so easy to plan because it was in such deep alignment with my purpose and my message of helping others connect to their light and dive deep into their spiritual journey.

4. What is your favorite way to get woo woo? Your core practices and/or routines.

My favorite way to get woo-woo is with card readings and rituals! I love to burn my sage or palo santo, surround myself with crystals, call in my guides, and pull some cards! I also am a true believer in moon rituals and manifesting with the moon. I know there are a lot of different opinions on the best times to do what rituals, but this is what I've been guided to do:

New Moon: Clear the space with sage and white light visualization. Enter into the frequency of manifestation by listening to the kundalini chant "Ek Ong Kar" for at least 12 minutes. While listening to the chanting, you may visualize what your dreams and desires are. After meditating, free write on what you desire to manifest with the moon. I focus a lot of what FEELINGS I am calling forth, then get specific on what I think could bring those feelings. At the end of the paper, I write "it is this or something better, for the highest good of all" and place the paper in my God box.

I then let my manifestations simmer in my God box for the moon cycle.

Full Moon: Clear the space again. Open up your heart space by meditating to the kundalini chant "Aad Guray Nameh" for at least 12 minutes. After meditating, free write on what you wish to release. Write any blocks or fears that came up around your dreams and desires. After writing, gather that paper and the God box. Go outside and spend a few moments soaking in the energy of the full moon. It is now time to safely destroy the paper with what you wish to release. This may be by burning the paper or simply tearing it up. As you destroy the paper, say a prayer for these energies to be transformed and transmuted into loving energy that will support your dreams and desires. Feel into the release and all the space you have created that you can fill with manifestation power. Now, it is time to burn the paper in the God box with what you are manifesting. As you destroy this paper, express gratitude to the universe for seeing your desires through and to your angels and guides for guiding you to bringing these manifestations into light.

I do monthly rituals with all my 1:1 clients, it is so much fun!

5. What is a personal goal or intention your are currently working towards and WHY is it important to you?

My phrase for 2018 is "I am devoted to the flow of aligned abundance, love, and magic." My devotion practice started to fizzle toward the end of the year. I was finding myself making excuses of why I don't have time to take care of myself through deep meditation or journaling. My well-being was not what it could have been because of it. I know that I have a major divine purpose for being on this world now and it is my duty to show myself love. When I am grounded in my devotion practice, my intuitive connections are clearer and deeper, my relationships are improved, and I'm happier.

6. Your course, The Spiritual Toolbox, is so amazing for people who are getting started into this whole world. Plus, you offer it for such a good price. It reminds me of Emma Mildon’s book “The Soul Searcher’s Handbook” in the way that it covers so much! For anyone who is interested, can you tell my readers more about it or if they are new to the woo, what they can expect?

I've never read that book! I'll have to look into it!

The Spiritual Toolbox gives you a glimpse at many of the most popular woo topics. It is self-study so that way you can go at your own pace and go to the topics that you are the most excited about. When I first started my spiritual journey, I feel like I spent hours trying to figure out what everyone was talking about. I wanted a place where I could get a base of knowledge and then chose to go deeper if I wished.

A major focus of my coaching work is helping spiritual newbies dive deep into their journey. The Spiritual Toolbox provides them the tools that will help them on their path to love and light in a way that is not overwhelming.

For those already into the woo, this course comes with an energy healing and a super powerful guided meditation to connect to your guides. Each teacher has their own unique way of sharing spiritual tools and concepts, you may be surprised at what you learn!

One thing about this course is that I add when I'm inspired to add. I may remove things that no longer flow and replace them with even more amazing information or practices. For example, I am working on a module about the moon phases! Once you are in the course, you are in! You get lifetime access to all the modules, including new content that is added as I go!

7. What are you currently obsessed with? (TV shows, movies, podcasts, books, a meditation, a color, whatever!)

I recently joined Melanie Beckler's The Angel Solution. She has the most AMAZING guided meditations. I'm completely obsessed! I'm also loving Gabby's new book, The Judgement Detox. It is taking my self-awareness to a whole new level! I'm also obsessed with the Yoga Collection from doTERRA.

Rapid fire questions

8. Coffee or tea?

Coffee, unless we are talking bubble tea.

9. Favorite crystal?


10. Chakra you find yourself most often working with?


11. Cooking your own meal or finding a good meal out?

Ohhh tough, but I have to go with finding a good meal out mostly because I strongly dislike doing dishes.

12. Favorite essential oil?


13. Reading a blog or listening to a podcast?

I'm a huge fan of audible. Right now I am listening to Moonology by Yasmin Boland.

There you have it! I told you she was amazing, didn't I? Thank you to Chelsie for working with me on this interview and I can't wait to share all about the Renewal Retreat after next weekend!

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Honor the love + light in yourself.