Soul Series Season 2: Lauren Bentley

Welcome back, Soul Tribe to season 2 of Soul Series! I am so excited to bring you more interviews from more women around the globe that are living their passions and living their highest self (or working on it!)

Today, I am bringing you Lauren Bentley from Good Vibrations Complete Health & Wellness. I met her through SoulSistersOnFire, a facebook community that is women owning their power and connecting with like-minded sisters ran by Natalie Brite, season 1's first interview!

Lauren and I connected over health, wellness, reiki, yoga and chakras. We've even talked about doing a course together with the mental and physical side of wellness! Nothing is in the works yet, but I think if it is supposed to happen, it definitely will and it will be amazing. Lauren does a ton of stuff with her own business, her personal training, her spirituality, and everything else she does! I'm so excited to bring you this one on one with Lauren Bentley!

1) Ok, I have so many questions for you! To get started, I know you offer reiki sessions, which obviously I love as a fellow reiki practitioner. How did you get started with reiki and how long have you been practicing for?

My girlfriends wanted to go see an angel reader so I tagged along. Not even knowing what reiki was, I found out he was also a reiki healer. As soon as he met me he said, “you are an interesting woman. You are a healer.” I was like whoah, ok!

So I went home, researched reiki, got a session and knew it was for me. I immediately became certified.

I have been practicing reiki for 2 years. I add my own twist of crystal healing and sound therapy.

2) You are such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fitness! I love your weekly Wednesday emails with your workout of the week. How long

have you been personal training and when did you first find your passion for fitness?

I have been a personal trainer for 4 years. I think I have always had a love for fitness. I grew up in a pretty healthy mindset household. I have always loved feeling powerful. I love being strong and love how exercise has always made me feel. I just wanted to be able to show other women how great it really is to live a healthy life.

3) Lauren, you bring mind, body, and soul together so seamlessly. Between your fitness and personal training, to your 1:1 coaching and reiki, to your meditations and sound therapy? How did you have the idea to get Good Vibrations Health and Wellness started?

Oh goodness. I wear a ton of hats and putting it all togeyher really took some time. It began when I became a trainer and took my first gym job. I hated it. I was told I can only train a certain way and they definitely cared more about their wallet than the client. Which is not my intention. My intention is to spread a positive awareness of self love, strength and empowerment. So I left the gym. I was bummed. I worked really hard to get there and it wasn’t for me.

I pushed Training to the side and became interested in yoga, meditation and reiki. It took a lot of trial and error but it all came down to being connected. How we treat our soul is how we treat our body. How we see our body is how we see our soul.

It is so much easier to achieve our dreams when we can learn to love ourselves. Fully. And celebrate every step. So adding in mind, body and soul became one program. It just fell together.

4) What is a personal goal or intention you are currently working on and WHY is it important to you?

My personal goal is to be an allower. To view others, doing whatever they’re doing and being whomever they want to be, with love. To see them but still feel joy in my heart.

This is a big goal because it’s a very important law. Once we can achieve this, we can feel total peace. This also makes me more aware of my thoughts, feelings and actions.

5) I was browsing your site before while prepping for this interview. I saw your course Sitting is the New Smoking and I was so drawn to the name! I felt so aligned with how it sounded, can you tell me and my readers more!?

Sitting is the new smoking is all about undoing the desk. Chairs have completely ruined our bodies. Tight hips and shoulders, hunched backs, sore hands, poor eyesight, etc. not to mention how dangerous a sedentary lifestyle is. When we sit for too long, our body literally begins to slowly shut down. the idea of the program is to come home from work and find yoga stretches and sequences to bring you back to your original alignment. Stretch your spine and breath deep. There is also a mini sequence of poses you can do right at your desk. It is so important to find movement everyday.

I came up with the name because (luckily) people really aren’t smoking anymore due to the health risks but we also need to be aware of other health risks- ones we don’t always acknowledge- such as sitting.

6) I know you teach yoga in a physical space, but do you offer meditation, crystal and sound therapy, and reiki in a physical place as well? For any of my readers who may be interested and live in your area!

I absolutely do! I teach yoga at zen yoga in Brunswick and half moon Yoga in Medina. I also have an online 21 days of meditation available at and offer reiki sessions, private yoga and 1:1 meditation in my home! I have a little zen den area for my clients.

7) How do you stay balanced?

I wake up everyday at least an hour before everyone in my home. I refuse to look at my phone. I take care of my dogs, drink lemon water and make coffee. I head upstairs to my alter and meditate and journal.

Throughout the day I find time to find movement that serves me that day and always pausing to take deep breaths.

When I am waiting for my kids to get off the bus I usually use that time to lay in the grass and ground myself.

You always have the time to find balance, you just have to shift your Perspective

Rapid Fire Questions:

8) Favorite Crystal? Selenite

9) Favorite kind of workout? Depends on the day! I really love circuits. Burpees are honestly my favorite. But I also love piyo, yoga and weight lifting. It’s all about what my body needs.

10) Coffee or Tea? Both! I reallyyyyy love both. I’m trying to cut back on coffee because I keep drawing an angel card that’s asking me to so I’m starting to drink more tea and I’ve become quite the addict lol.

11) Podcast or Blog?


12) Favorite Season? Fall

13) Favorite Food? Vegan pizza

14) Favorite Spiritual Practice?

Oh this list can go on and on. Chakra aligning, meditation, journaling and learning to channel are definitely a few of my favorites!

Last question, what's next for you?

Move To Connect is an online personal training subscription for women. It’s like having a personal trainer in the palm of your hand. The reason I created Move To Connect is because movement is how I unleash the divine feminine. Typical exercise such as combining back and biceps one day, chest and triceps another and sneaking in a few days of walking on a treadmill are just not for me. They are boring. And I’m sure they’re not resonating with you either. move To Connect allows us to go within and find the movement our body is craving that day. No judgement, no pressure. Simply log in and pick the workout you desire. Some days this may mean a stretch and meditation and other days it may be a warm up, HIIT, strength and cool down.

The important part is that you are listening to your body. And that my dears is when you find the body of your dreams! What you get with the subscription; Full length instructional videos Warm ups Cool downs HIIT body weight strength Weighted strength Meditations Feel good blogs. And direct access to me and a private Facebook group.

Each month, 10 new videos and variety of locations will be uploaded.

To sign up, visit and click on Move To Connect. For the price of 2 coffees, change your life and learn to fall in love with body, mind and soul.

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Compassion. Passion. Love.