17 Lessons 2017 Taught Me

Can you believe it's the end of the year already? I can't either. I did one of these posts for 2016 for Society Rebel and really enjoyed writing it. Last year's post can be found here.

Onwards to this years though!

1. Trust yourself wholly:

This may sound like something I probably should have learned before my 27th year, but it's so easy to doubt yourself. There was a lot to doubt myself about this year -- school, my business, my self-growth. I stuck with it though because I knew I was on the right path and that I needed to finish the things I had started. I'm glad I did too because I am in a pretty stellar place currently.

2. Say No and Don't be Afraid of It: If you're a "yes woman/man" then you understand how hard it is to say no. I have always had a problem saying no to people and projects. This year with balancing school, writing my thesis, a job, and this last semester my own business -- I had to learn to say no. It was essential to my well-being. If I didn't learn, I would've went insane. I'm a person that fills my plate beyond it's needs, but at some point you have to learn to say no and finally learned that balance.

3. SLOW DOWN: Slowing down has always been a point of resistance for me. I still feel "guilt" when slowing down and recently talking about this in a Facebook group, SoulSistersOnFire that I'm part of. It's something so many people, especially entrepreneurs, struggle with it seems. You want to go, go, go and hustle, but when your body and/or mind are screaming at you, it's not the end of the world to stop and relax.

4. Share with Others: I learned to share my ideas and in doing so, I created my business with a badass business coach guiding me through every step. I also shared my thesis and I did readings and felt confident in my writing for maybe one of the first times ever. When you share your creations with others, it really is a good thing.

5. Know Your Passions: I'm passionate about a lot. I'm passionate about crystals, writing, meditation, wellness, fitness. I mean a lot. I wanted my business to be more than a blog and crystal shop. I wanted courses and coaching and I didn't know at the time, but I've realized I want to focus on living naturally and love yourself. I'm passionate about women rising to their power, but learning to master their negative self talk and negative body thoughts to fully rise up. I also know I'm passionate about fitness, so I quit my banking job and accepted a less paying position at Orangetheory Fitness. Within a month, I was promoted and now it's a higher paying (than I've ever made in my life) kind of job.

6. Speak Truth: I have hard time with certain people speaking my truth. There are subjects that can be touchy and hard to talk about with friends and family. This year I learned that the hard stuff doesn't go away and even if the other person doesn't want to hear it, sometimes you just got to let it out. We can't walk our own truths unless we speak it first.

7. Just Do It:

Take the job. Write the book. Start the business. Coach the clients. Create the content. Run the race. Whatever it is, this year more than ever I learned life can be too short and you need to just fucking do it.

8. Live Naturally: I've always been a person for more natural remedies. In 2017 though, I realized how much holistic living meant to me. I found myself using oils instead of medication. Using meditation instead medication. Buying environmentally friendly cleaning products and bath products and laundry products. I found myself making face masks out of aloe vera instead of something in plastic packaging.

9. Meditate Often: Meditation is a simple key to life. I don't understand how people can't hone this skill. It's messy and beautiful, but also everything in between.

10. Believe the Universe is Taking You in the Right Direction: I felt so lost in so many different situations this year, but taking a lesson from my girl, Gabby Bernstein, the universe has your back if you just trust it. It can be hard knowing that something out of your control, but when you let it go and allow the universe to help you, shift happens.

11. Love Yourself Unapologetically:

No matter who you are, what you're doing, what your mind looks like, what your body looks like. Love yourself. It's that simple. This sounds silly, but if you stop loving yourself, it'll only destroy you.

12. More Tea, Less Coffee: This is something that has started to come to me only recently. Coffee is good and delicious, I know it's not great though. Tea has amazing benefits and antioxidants. The switch is slow, so in the mean time I'm trying out Four Sigmatic's Mushroom Coffee.

13. Travel, Travel, Travel:

I didn't travel as much as I'd like, but I visited Seattle this year and that place took my breath away. Seattle reminded me what it is to live, be happy, and be in a physical place I love so purely. You won't find those places if you're not traveling.

14. Open Your Intuition: I learned Reiki this year, I started channeling "alien" races, I became a Certified Crystal Healer, I (recently) started a Shamanic apprenticeship. It's so beautiful and weird and amazing when you open your third eye and allow your intuition to lead you, but I've never had such healing practices. I've never played with my light and dark sides so honestly and openly. It's a gift.

15. Laugh More than Necessary: I'm serious a lot of the times. I'm loud and fun and happy, but at home I'm so serious. Thank god for the love of my life who tells me all too often "it's not that serious, you don't need to be so serious."

16. It's Ok to Cry: Crying doesn't make you weak. Crying means you acknowledge the emotion and that means you can heal from that emotion. I always thought if I cried it meant something bad and that I didn't want to cry, but guess what it's the opposite. Who knew?

17. Release, Release, Release: A word of mine for 2018 as well actually. I released a lot this year though. A lot of self-stigma's and body issues and "not good enough" issues. I wrote them and then burned them, multiple times. You need to release until you know it's gone. Sometimes it doesn't happen right away because we all want to resist what we really need to release.

Well, that was kind of intense. I can't say I didn't cry a little as I wrote this with 2 and half hours left of 2017 while listening to some insanely good Trevor Hall music.

2017 was the year of the cocoon and 2018 will be the year of the butterfly for me and I cannot wait to see how that looks! See you next year <3

Be the light. Play with the Shadows. Find Yourself.