Soul Series: Jenn Morgan

Welcome back to another Soul Series interview! I know it's been a while since my interview with Natalie Brite, which can be found here if you haven't read it. But I was busy working in the background of getting a TON of interviews ready and now they are here!

Today, my interview is with The Soul Filled Yogi or how people who know her a little better, Jenn Morgan. When I first heard about Jenn it was through a Facebook group that I am part of. I can't remember exactly the conversation, but I remember it had to do with her crystal junkie high vibe spirit and how she taught crystal healing and yoga courses.

As time passed and I watched her posts, enjoying her content more and more, I knew I had to chat with this lady! Her vibe and style were right up my alley with her fun-colored hair, love for all things woo woo, and strong sense of humor. This past fall she then was offering her Certified Crystal Healing course in a 3 day crash course session. As I had just launched the shop, I knew it was clearly the time and this was my calling. My experience in the course was amazing. It was intense because I did want to do it all in the small amount of time, but I learned so much. She knew of my crystal shop and I remember her telling me that I probably knew it all already. She was wrong. You can always learn from someone else and especially someone as experienced as Jenn.

Enough of me blabbing about how much I appreciate Jenn and all that she does. She inspires women all over. She is light that this world needs and with another bun in the baby oven, she is probably one of the world's coolest moms. I hope you enjoy this exclusive 1:1 with Jenn Morgan!

1. The Soul-Filled Yogi has SO much going on! How did you create the Soul-Filled Yogi and where did you draw inspiration from to start it all? I created the Soul Filled Yogi out of my love for yoga, but during a time in my life when I was getting in touch with my soul and really exploring a deeper metaphysical spiritual side of myself. Yoga was the dip of my toe in the pond, but then a whole world of spirit guides, past lives, crystals and so much more opened to me. I just kept following the bread crumbs and that led me to many spiritual awakenings.

2. For your Certified Crystal Healing and Crystal Yoga online programs, you have backing by the Yoga Alliance and metaphysical schools to provide these certifications and continuing education, how did you get involved with such amazing companies to host these programs?

Making sure my courses are accredited is very important to me. Yoga Alliance certification is a long process…To be able to provide courses that give people continuing education hours or full trainings you need to rise the ranks in Yoga Alliance. I have been trained in 2 hands on yoga teacher training programs (200, and 500HR) through a Yoga Alliance accredited school, and in addition have taught over 2500 hours of yoga myself, and have completed my required CEC (continuing education credits) yearly as well as keeping myself up to date with numerous other courses I have taken. I consider myself a forever learner so this is fun for me, and is a never ending source of inspiration. These requirements allow me to keep my accreditation with Yoga Alliance as an Experienced Registered 500 Hr Yoga Teacher (ERYT) + Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider (YACEP.) My other accreditations require my work to be reviewed for quality, consistency, and content yearly.

3. What is a personal goal or intention you are currently working on and WHY is it important?

My big word for 2018 is truth. My goal this year is to attract new things based on what I have learned about myself in 2017. What I like, dislike, want as clients, don’t want as clients, who I gel with ect. It's important as an entrepreneur that you love what you do. If you don’t that means something is not quite right. We can manifest a lot of things without knowing it, and sometimes because of this we must weed out the garden and get clear again on what we want to attract and why. That search for clarity is always my number 1 priority. I love the feeling of alignment, and I know that when we are out of it, it is usually a small step or adjustment away. I look forward to these adjustments as challenges and learning opportunities for growth.

4. You have a full plate — between your business, your child and husband, and now another baby on the way — how do you keep it all balanced and keep your head level?

I’ve always been a person who likes to keep many balls up in the air. I think without that I wouldn’t thrive. I almost need all of the things 😉 to keep balance, because balance for me looks like diversity in tasks and what I am able to accomplish. I find that I am my most creative when I have a lot running. I do keep a pretty tight schedule but I find that when I do that I am able to have all the time I need to accomplish my goals and keep everyone fed so to speak, and still have down time. I always ask people who have 3 or more kids (or with twins) how they do it, and they always say the same thing, I don’t know any different. I guess I feel a lot like that. I’m just grateful for all I have and do, and I don’t know any different. Life always comes with challenges but I love challenge 😊

5. What first drew you to yoga and how long have you been practicing? Do you teach physically anywhere or do you mostly online teachings?

When I found yoga I was at a place in my life that was somewhat like a rock bottom. I didn’t know who I was and I was searching for something. I didn’t know yoga was going to help me find myself. I honestly went into the studio looking to drop a few pounds, but what I got was my life back. I have been practicing and teaching since 2013. I dabbled in it when I was younger but it didn’t mean then what it does to me now so I consider 2013 my real start to my truth. I physically teach at a studio as well as run my online teachings. I also have another company that I own and we teach outdoor yoga in the summer season. It’s a good balance. I think as a teacher you learn the best from teaching, I always learn a ton from my students, I really enjoy getting in there with them spiritually, emotionally, and seeing the lessons that unfold on their mats for them.

6. You are currently a Silver Leader doTERRA, congratulations! That’s so huge! As a new doTERRA rep, I want to ask you how you got involved and how you work oils into your day to day business? Also, what is your favorite oil currently?!

I got involved in doterra on a whim honestly. I had been using essential oils for years before that in and out of the classroom, and somehow

timing was just right for me to say yes to the business opportunity of it all. I loved the product and the business model was a challenge but I knew I could totally rock it. I work oils into my course curriculum and educate people on them in my numerous groups, I use them daily too. I love the spiritual vibrational side to them, and that is what drew me in, that you can use them as tools to shift your vibration and energy. Anytime people have something tangible to help them do this I think that is a serious win (especially for beginners in the spiritual world.) The business of doterra is my favorite part, its challenging, and anyone who wants to succeed in it needs to be mentored well. I have enjoyed that part the most, the opportunity to learn, succeed and then mentor others in that same process. Its such a joy! My favorite oil changes daily lately! But right now its Breathe. I feel like it’s a lesson in a bottle to open up 😊

7. What is your favorite way to get woo woo? I know you know what I mean when I ask this! Tell us about your practices, routines, and/or what your core ways of getting soulful are!

My favorite way to get woo woo is actually being out in nature. I have a deep connection with the land I live on and the animals that inhabit it. I love watching them. I honestly feel like they are the best teachers and teach me the most about myself. I have recently been spending time with an owl that is newly living here and she comes always at the best times. Before her (in the summer, fall etc.) we spend a lot of time watching a hawk family. We are very into birds if you can't tell. Other than that I work with my crystals, cards, and meditate with my guides, or use a pendulum for quick access to them and guidance.

Rapid fire questions

8. Favorite crystal?

This is so hard!! Herkimer Diamond or Scolecite.

9. Coffee or tea?


10. Physical book or e-book?

Physical book.

11. Yoga in a group or solo?

Group, studio, such good energy!

12. Chocolate or vanilla?

Vanilla always.

13. Chakra you’re most drawn too?

The Solar Plexus. I'm all about personal power baby 😊

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