Life Update & Closing the Grad School Chapter

I chatted shortly in my November edition of Spiritual Shifts that things have been a little nutty, which is why I had such a lack of blog posts for a while. But I am back in action and want to share what's been going on with me and the fact that tonight is my last class of grad school (!!)

October was a big month, lots of shifts, and work being done. I started a new job (at Orangetheory Fitness -- OTF), I was working on finishing up my thesis, and I was figuring out the future of my business. Taking on Orangetheory was good for me, but also an adjustment. I was working at a bank previously, but I would only work around 30 hours of week as where at OTF I was working 40 and I got promoted in my first month to assistant studio manager, so there's been a lot of learning involved!

My thesis was due on November 1, but I turned it in October 31 because I had class already that night. I was afraid I wasn't going to finish it on time and while I know that it isn't "perfect" yet, I put in a lot of hard work to create the two novellas I turned in for my thesis. One of the novellas ended up being longer than I had expected and with the work I still have to do on it, I think it will be my first full novel. I hope to pitch both to agents one day to then pitch to publishing houses, but like I said there's a lot of work to be done still on them.

Once I turned my thesis in, I thought things were going to slow down. I was wrong. I forgot that just because the thesis was in did not mean the classes were over. I was still rushing to read book upon book, write papers, and so on. It's all finished now, but it made November be a bit of a stressful month for me.

I also have been thinking about my business a lot in the past two months in terms of where I am headed. I launched in August with the crystal

shop and blog. While both are still my babies, I know I have so much more to offer. I began to launch my body image e-course only to realize that I was marketing it all wrong and therefore not reaching the people who I know it needs to reach. I put my ideas back into action to re-launch the promotional phase through December, so that the e-course will actually kick off 2018 for people.

Since I started my business, I knew I wanted to open up life coaching as well. I knew it wouldn't be until I was done with grad school because I have to have the time to work with my clients and with school, that wasn't an option for me. Now that I'm done though (basically) I started visualizing where life coaching will take me. I set up the pages on my site and my booking calendar. While I haven't started an active promotion of it yet, I have everything set in motion. I want to help women love themselves -- body, mind, and soul.

In 2018, I also want to start doing live workshops. I contacted a yoga studio near me today actually, but I want to start teaching in-person crystal workshops, meditation and manifestation workshops, and workshops about loving yourself! If you live in Illinois, stay tuned as I figure things out I'll make announcements!

I am now Level III Reiki Certified, which means I am a master practitioner as well as a certified crystal healer. I would love to find a place to do

both of these outside of my house, in-person -- right now I do have a bed, so that I can do them in my house, but I know how hard it can be sometimes for people to find someone in their physical life to practice reiki or crystal healing on them, so I am creating a distance version of each. While I can send distance reiki any time with symbols, I want to take people through the experience on camera (Zoom call) and I will have my bed set up as if you are there with me, but using the energy I'm receiving from you in real time to practice the healing.

While there is more coming up for my business, those are the main things I'm focusing on currently to end this year and start 2018 with. It's weird to think after two and a half years that I am done with graduate school.

Grad school has been such a journey and process for me and where I learned who I am with the tools I needed in life (i.e. crystals, meditation, journaling, tarot/oracle cards, reiki, and so on.) I allowed myself to open up to all of this after closing myself down completely with my anxiety and depression after my first semester. A lot of times you don't think about how much you've changed in x amount of time unless it's new year to new year, but it is truly wild to me all that has happened since starting grad school, to see the person I was to who I am now. I'm so grateful for this experience and for where it has led me.

As of next Friday, I am officially graduated and that means all of my time will be spent between the business and OTF and I can't wait to see what that means for me.

Find Your Darkness. Work With It. Step Into Your Own Light.