My December Intentions 2017

Every month I create an intention list just like the on above. I bookmark the page so that every day when I go to journal, I open to that page first and am constantly reminded of my intentions for the month. I always post my intentions on social media as well (Facebook and Instagram), so that people can help me stay accountable and if they post theirs, I can help them. I also like to post them monthly because it inspires others to write out their intentions, which is SO powerful.

What I don't do most months is share the why of each intention. Yet this past month, I was inspired by a fellow blogger, Autumn, over at The Whole Story who wrote a blog about all of her intentions. I thought that was such a good idea because it's not only sharing what I want to achieve over the month, but breaking down bit to bit to share the why and show others that the simplest of intentions can have a why and can make it onto your list.

So let's get into these intentions, shall we?

  • Meditate daily I usually always meditate, every day. November I fell off of that a quite a bit and there have been other months I have fallen off of it as well. While I know it's a good practice, sometimes life gets crazy and I push away my practices first. I realized after such a crazy October and November that I really need to focus in and get back to myself. I feel like most months I put meditate daily on my intentions list, but for good reason -- it's a constant reminder.

  • Get moving (OTF or running) 3x per week Since I've started grad school, I've had trouble getting constant workouts in. Well, I have two classes left and then on December 15, I officially graduate. To me, what this means is I can finally have consistency in other areas of my life again. I used to workout 5-6 days a week! I figured since it's been a while, I'll start slowly with 3 days a week and slowly work myself back into it. I'm training for a race in April, so I'll start that training more seriously soon, but until then since I work at Orangetheory Fitness when I can get into a class, I want to because it makes you feel SO good after you're done!

  • Re-immerse myself back into my yoga practice Like my meditation practice, my yoga practice fell off in the past month or so. I was going very consistently and my body was feeling amazing. It's not a set back, but I realized now that even after just a month, my body isn't where it was. My handstands that I had been working so incredibly hard on have suffered and I'm further from fully reaching it. Again, it's ok -- I have some time clearing up soon and so that means I know I'll have time to focus back in on it. My yoga practice keeps me sane, happy, and feeling content with the world. It centers me. It shows me love.

  • Get ready for my e-course and life coaching launch This one is a pretty obvious "why" I feel. I have been working on my e-course for a while now and have been talking about the launch of my life coaching program since I started my business. While neither of these will "officially" launch until January, I am getting the marketing, promotion, and so on ready for it. I'm doing the final touches and writing the daily lessons for the e-course after re-doing parts of it that weren't working when I first started promoting it in November, which is why I extended promotion through December for it to run in January.

  • Read 1 book of my choosing I have been reading books for school for 2.5 years and while I've had summers off, it's never enough time to get through the countless books I want to read. Now that it's coming to a close though, I want to fit in at least ONE book of my choice. I'm thinking either Shannon Kaiser's "The Self Love Experiment" or Sanaya Roman's "Open to Channeling." We'll see which I choose!

  • Graduate! Do I even need a why for this one? After 2.5 years I am so happy to be done with graduate school. It's been a good time with a lot of ups and downs, but it was all so worth it in the end. I'm grateful for everything my time in grad school taught me about my self, my writing, my shadow side, and who I have become.

  • Hit December OTF goals I started at Orangetheory Fitness back in October and after a month I was promoted to Assistant Studio Manager. I enjoy helping others get into fitness, get back into fitness, or finding their "thing" in the fitness world. While we don't have individual goals on my team and more so team goals, I have my own personal goals that I want to crush this December at OTF.

  • Sign up for Shaman school One of my intentions for November was to sign up for Shamanic school. I turned my thesis in November 1st for grad school and so I thought I was going to have so much time to spare the rest of November. I guess I forgot that I still have classes left and therefore loads of other homework to do therefore I didn't sign up because I knew I didn't have time to start. I'm thinking though maybe this week since classes will be done, here I come!

  • Be grateful + present It's so easy to get out of the present moment and think about the past and/or future. I do it all to often and am always worrying about something that did happen or something upcoming. I need to ground myself in the present more and with bringing meditation and yoga back this month, I think it'll help a lot. I also want to stay grateful. I write a gratitude list daily, but I want to TELL people how grateful I am for them more. I think it's important and not as many people actually say it.

  • Practice self-love daily If you haven't noticed the theme, a lot of things fell away for me in November and really in my last few months of grad school while finishing up my thesis. I miss my "me" time though and doing a face mask, reading a book, writing blogs, meditating, working out, yoga, and the other various ways I connect with my own self-love rituals. This is just something I need in my life and without it I have felt a little lost. I've definitely missed it.

What are some of your December intentions? Leave me a comment or message and share them with me. I'll help you stay accountable if you need too!

Share Yourself. Show the World. Be Strong.