Spiritual Shifts: November

Wow, it's been a while! To say I've been a bit distant on the blog would be an understatement. There's been some BIG stuff going on, but don't worry next week I'll have a post up explaining all things that have been going on in my life.

Today though is what's been going on in my spiritual life! Last month when I did my first Spiritual Shifts post, I wasn't sure how it would be received. I ended up having a ton of people love it and reach out and connect with the things I talked about. I also had a lot of people asking for it to be a monthly series, so as I grow and learn in all things spiritual, others can follow my journey and we can share our similarities of what's going on!

November was a weird month for me. It was defiantly a "slower" month in terms of my spiritual side. I felt drained and lost a lot of the month. While I had other really good things happening during November, I think the whirlwind of everything else hindered my routines and my soul.

So, let's check back in with the Pleiadians!

Last month was the first time I started to communicate with the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective. Yet, in October I mostly had signs that they were there, but after I had posted my Spiritual Shifts blog I actually spoke with them for the first time. They let me know that I was on the right track, but I wasn't ready to speak to them yet. So, I let it be. I checked in the rest of the month letting them know I was there and open to communication, but not pushing anything.

At the beginning of this month though, I tried again and it happened! It's hard when you first start channeling because it's all happening in your head, so it can be hard to distinguish if it is yourself or your ego talking or if it's the group you're channeling. After some trying that day, I realized it was them. It wasn't me.

The Pleiadians told me they were happy to have me in their existence and they were happy to further our communication. Things were slow with talking with the P's, but I'm not complaining. Yesterday after taking a few weeks off of meditation and reaching out, I decided I needed to get back to my practices and I needed to reach out to the P's again, so I did.

Yesterday, I asked the P's how I become a being of such love and light as they are?

They responded that I already am and that I just need to remember to share it out to the rest of the humans around me. They said they've seen humans and how we can get trapped in the negative space easily, but my soul exists in this lightness so don't let the other side take me and share it with others who may be in a negative space.

I couldn't help but to think about my shadow side and everyone's shadow side. Recently, I realized how important it is to acknowledge and work with your shadow self, so were they trying to tell me that my shadow work isn't needed? After some writing and journaling it out, I realized that it's not what they were saying at all. The P's are letting me know that I am a light being and that I share that light with people in my life and will continue to do that for people. They didn't tell me to ignore the shadow side, they told me not to get stuck in the negativity. I think these two things are very different. Don't worry, I have a whole blog coming up about accepting and giving into my shadow side.

---What is a shadow side you ask? Well, a person's shadow side is the darkness in them. This can be their depression, their anxiety, whatever brings them from the feeling of light to dark. It can range for a lot of people. For me, my shadow side is being in a closed space of anxiety and dealing with my depression. Something I thought I needed to break free of for quite a while.

Reiki and Card Readings was also something new to me this past month. I had been looking for ways to use my reiki into all areas of my life. While I haven't started practicing on clients a lot (in person or distantly) yet, I always try to keep up my practice with myself and in my own life. I started laying out my Doreen Virtue oracle card deck I have and setting myself up to use my reiki energy. I tune into myself and then guide my hands over the deck to find the cards calling to me. I always feel my card pulls are pretty accurate, but since using reiki my pulls are spot on to what I need in my life.

I went to a friend's Friendsgiving a few weekends ago and she practices tarot and oracle card reading as well. The other two girls with us don't

know that much about card pulls, reiki, or any of the spiritual stuff my friend and I are into, so we showed them. I decided to use reiki to do the pulls for everyone and I used multiple decks and for each person similar card meanings continued to be drawn. It was amazing! I think one of the ladies was honestly freaked out because it is something she's dealing with so fully in her life right now. I also saw her aura, something that tends to happen when I get deep into my reiki and crystal healing. I don't always see it, but at times I do and boy hers was powerful!

I wish had more stuff for November, but like I said this month was a bit of a strange one with me and my soul practices. I've been diving deep back in and with tomorrow being the start of December, I think things are about to get very magical for next month's Spiritual Shifts!

See Darkness. Surrender. Enter the Light.