Soul Series Interview: Natalie Brite

Welcome to the first of my one on one conversation with other women who are igniting their souls, pouring their heart into their passion, and sharing love. This is the Soul Series!

Today’s conversation is with Natalie Brite. Natalie and I first connected in mid-2016, if I remember correctly. She had reached out to me about her life coaching and at the time, it wasn’t a fit for me, but I continued to follow her because I loved her message and her vibe.

Fast forward to early 2017 when I joined her Facebook community, SoulSistersOnFire. I watched and read all the posts in there, but wasn’t active as I was still figuring out what I was doing and who I was.

Early summer 2017 I then messaged Natalie about a virtual assistant position she was looking to fill. I had no experience, but it led me to

connecting with her and telling her my ideas of what I would love to do – essentially the blog, crystal shop, and helping other women feel confident and abundant.

We set up to have a chat right after that and then I entered into her three-month Digital Blueprint (now re-branded to Goddess Rising) Academy. She helped me build my business from the ground up and help me get real on what I wanted, what I wanted to do, what my mission is, and who I am.

She’s one of the most talented, soulful, passionate boss babes I have ever met and her energy is infectious. I loved our weekly calls throughout the three month program because I always knew she’d ignite something deep in me and I would be so fired up.

I’m so happy to introduce to you today, our first interview guest, Natalie Brite!

Tell us about yourself – what you do for work and what you do for fun!

I am a passion business and breakthrough coach that teaches rising women how to discover, align and attract what they want into their life and business, and how to turn their dreams and visions into full blown manifestations. It is my mission to help women develop the courage to go after their dreams, the confidence to live in their truth, and the know how to create a life that sets their soul ablaze. I specialize in holding space and guiding women through the journey of building their own creative passion and impact centered online businesses, as well as mentoring females through the process of aligning with their authenticity so that they can manifest with more ease while creating an abundantly purposeful life.

I love all things that allow me to self express and get creative. To be honest, my work is such a huge passion (and borderline obsession!) for me that I tend to incorporate many of my interests and hobbies into what I do. I love crafting, the arts, learning and expansion- so much of my life revolves around doing things that allow me to grow, further develop my own truth, and learn new things that help me step more into my authentic power.

I'm hugely passionate about travel and living a daily adventure. You can often catch me hiking or doing anything outdoors, and my husband and I are huge fans of experiencing new places and trying new things.

I am all about the WOO- and have a huge heart for all things crystals, energy healing, and vibrations. A big part of my personal and professional life revolves around meshing the spiritual, mystical, and metaphysical into my coaching, daily rituals and practices, and online shop.

Why do you want to help other women build their business and live a kickass life?

To be real and transparent here, I choose to serve in this way because I whole heartedly believe in women. I believe in our voices, our stories, our callings, our passions, and the hunger that lives in us all to create an exceptional life of meaning and joy. In saying that, I know how easy it is to fall into the trap of keeping yourself small, tying to blend in with the masses, or getting stuck in following the leader instead of paving your own path. I believe that now more than ever is a time of females rising and waking up to the fact that they are powerful parts of the collective. I see it every day, more and more womens lights being turned on and their desire to level up in life being summoned. From my own journey, I went from being that woman in the shadows trying to blend in to being that woman who discovered her light and power. I feel like a big part of why I experienced the ebbs and flows of my own life was because it was all placed there for me to now be able to guide and support others like me to rise into their full potential too. It can be scary as hell doing it alone and lets face it- if we go at it alone, we will most likely give up on ourselves. Having support, having guidance, having another woman who has your back changes the game. Its my passion to be THAT for other women and to help others turn on their light so that they can illuminate their world and the worlds of those around them. We all have a purpose, that THING that we were put here to do. It gets me absolutely fired up to be able to help other females not only discover what that is for themselves, but then learn how to create a life that revolves around it and thus impacts the world in an incredibly positive way. From building your own online business, to learning how to speak your truth and step into your authenticity, to revealing your gifts and learning how to create a career that centers around them, to unleashing your personal power and building the confidence to go after and manifest your dreams, helping women do so is what gets me up in the mornings and what puts a smile on my face when I go to bed.

You have the Wild Woman Collective shop on your site as well, can you tell us a little about that and what inspired you from program creation to the starting the Collective?

Oh, where do I even begin here! So, the Wild Woman Collective is based very much off of the mentality I go into my coaching and mentoring with: Teaching women how to step into their power and slay their personal and professional lives. With the Wild Woman Collective, it was created as an expressive outlet that allowed me to integrate my love for creating. I come from the background of studying the arts and philosophy in college. I was raised in a home where creativity and self expression through making things was a daily thing. As my coaching business grew, this was a huge area of myself that was missing within my business, and thus the Wild Woman Collective was formed! The WWC was born from a thought that, along with my coaching services, why not also integrate products and items that could aid in the unleashing of women stepping into their truth and owning their power. All of my products I offer are directly tied to things that have personally influenced and helped my own journey of rising into my truth. From the Wild Woman Crystal collection, that is catered to provide specific crystals that aid in further developing your intuition, your consciousness and your awakening journey - to my digital products (planners and workbooks) and apparel, that support both the soulful entrepreneurs out there and the abundant babes ready to learn how to manifest like queens, all of the items in the shop have a heavy significance to me- for they are exactly what ive used to help me become who I am and get where I am today. I approach everything within my business and life in a "collective" mentality- we are ALL in this together, we can all step into our power TOGETHER, and we can all RISE together. The collective shop is just one more avenue that allows me to provide support to my sisterhood, connect, and guide them through their journey. I provide full access to a private VIP exclusive online community for all Wild Woman Collective shoppers, which allows me to further guide and be of service to women beyond just providing high vibe items. Its important to be to get to know my clients and customers on an intimate level, and so the collective stand for just that: coming together as the wild women we are and growing into our power together.

What’s your favorite way to get woo woo? I know you know what I mean when I ask this!

When it comes to the WOO! ... Honestly, im such a "rituals" type of girl that I would say my favorite way to get my WOO on revolves around my overall daily practice. I work with self reiki daily, meditation daily, clearing and saging daily, and crystal healing daily. This is what I call my "magic morning routine" and it is something I invest daily time in. The rituals for healing and getting connected to my prana are what keeps me SANE! It is where I get aligned and centered to my authenticity and it is what helps me bring such high energy to my business.

Starting a business can be scary, I know because you walked me through it! I saw videos of yours before where you talked about when you first started you covered your tattoos and weren’t doing the fun hair colors like you’ve been rocking over the past year or so. What made you step out of that “I need to look a certain way in my business” to “fuck yeah, this is me?”

Yes! This is so good and SO important to talk about. One of the number one things I lead my business (and entire life!) with is the

mentality that noone is YOU, and that is your power. It is your power within your business, because if you aren't you - you will totally blend in with the rest of the masses and you will totally fall out of alignment, thus bringing frustration, stuckness, lack of inspiration, and ultimately burnout (and possibly ending with you quitting on yourself and your dreams!). It is your power within your personal life because if you are trying to please everyone- you lose total sight and understanding toward who YOU are. Self development and discovering your personal light is EVERYTHING to me. It is what helped me create successful and thriving online impact businesses. It is what helped me have breakthrough after breakthrough in my own awakening and evolution journey. It is what helped me align myself to my soul mate and attract massive abundance of all forms within my life. I am a huge advocate for manifesting the shit out of whatever it is you dream of, as well as learning how to work the law of attraction in a way that brings forth your wildest dreams. But, none of that will work if you dont work YOU. When I was stuck in the space of tying to please all, be all for everyone else, and be someone I wasnt, I was STUCK, broke, miserable, and not making any traction within my personal or professional life. It trickled into causing perfectionism obsessions, comparison struggles, and feeling totally unworthy and incapable of creating the life I wanted. It took me having a breakdown moment of having to truly face myself and my life to realize that following the leader was NOT me. The moment I chose to say screw it! to trying to be anything other than myself was the moment that my life and business changed forever. It is exhausting trying to fit a mold. It is BORING trying to fit in. It is freeing just being YOU. With how much I preach about finding your wild and stepping into your power, it is all because for me- it was THAT that caused success and manifestation of insanely crazy dreams to follow.

What’s one thing you’re currently obsessed with? (TV show, book, online course, podcast, whatever)

I'm currently totally gushing over The Wild Unknown Tarot Decks. Just this past year have I dove deeply into learning how to tap into my guides and begin using tarot, and it has forever changed my ability to unlock my intuition and clarity toward my path. Tarot has been a huge influence on my energy and self trust I bring to my business as well as has been a huge help with easing anxiety and stress levels- for it is a powerful support system for gaining insight and stability toward your path.

Lastly, tell us what programs you currently have open and available for enrollment, so when people are lit up after reading this they know what they can go sign up for ASAP!

Right now I am REALLY excited about my open enrollments for my GoddessRising Digital Biz Academy- a 3 month program that guides female entrepreneurs through the journey of aligning with, building, and manifesting their passion business. The Goddess Rising Biz Program was designed for up and coming female entrepreneurs, light workers, healers, holistic lifestyle advocates, and ambitious women who are simply on a mission to rise in a way that has them creating a legacy that sets their soul on fire. Whether you want to start your own business from scratch, whether you want to up level your current business, or whether you want to take your networking marketing business to new authentic heights, Goddess Rising can get you there. This program is releasing on a whole new platform, which brings new content and new user experience that totally rocks! As well, I am super stoked about the 1:1 mentorship opportunities I am offering for both business coaching and energy+alignment coaching. These 1:1 mentorships help you to become a vibrational match for what you want to manifest within your life. You learn how to do things like release blocks, heal and rise from your struggles, challenges and set backs...attract what you want in total alignment and flow with your authentic self.... and reach new heights and breakthrough to your next level of your personal and professional life. I love the intimacy of the 1:1 work and the results clients get from these mentorships is magical!

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