Magik Vibes Box Review

I am not a person that subscribes to subscription boxes. While I think they are awesome, I'm always worried that I won't like something in a box and then it won't be worth the money for that month/quarter. The only thing I've ever subscribed to is Ipsy and after six months, I stopped that because a portion of the stuff was items I've never used and may never use.

When I found out that Kelsey Patel was releasing a subscription box though, I was stoked. I knew that her box is something I would be down for because she has a magical heart and soul just like me. Kelsey is a reiki master, crystal lover, yogi, and more. She has a heart of gold and a total heart centered business. I remember listening to her interview on the Balanced Blonde's podcast, Soul on Fire, and couldn't stop thinking "wow, she is my SOUL SISTER."

Her subscription box, Magik Vibes is a quarterly subscription box that focuses on, you guessed it, magic! Her first box (October - December) was recently released right in time for October's Full Moon and since this box is all about the moon, it was perfect.

Included in the Oct-Dec box is:


There are actually three meditations included via a code in the box. There is a daily meditation, a new moon meditation, and a full moon meditation. It's great because if you are new to meditation, these meditations are roughly ten minutes long. Kelsey also has a soothing voice that keeps you calm and in the moment, so it's easy to get lost in her meditations and the time is over and done before you even know it.

FULL MOON CANDLE – I AM CONNECTED This candle is honestly amazing. It is a mix of leather, wood, and earth and smells just like that. I'm a sucker for woodsy scented candles,

so I love that I get my full moon on with this candle.


The new moon candle is also an earthy scent, but with floral tones to it. The floral tones definitely come out once you light it and it takes you to a whole other place when using it during a meditation.

I AM CALM – ESSENTIAL OIL ROLL-ON The roller oil is a blend of Lavender, Cedarwood and Roman Chamomile. It helps calm, still the mind, and bring you to the present. I love putting it on my wrists and my neck before I start my meditation. I am a oil roller ball junkie and love having them with me daily and for meditation purposes. She even started selling the roller ball seperately on her site in case anyone is obsessed like me and will need to order another one!


If you're new to crystals then this is going to be perfect for you. Kelsey includes four tumbled crystals: green aventurine, clear quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst -- what I like to believe are the crystal basics. They come in a little bag as well which I love to carry around in my purse with my favorite crystals so that they are always on me. Sometimes crystals don't fit in my bra that well, so I need them with me somehow.

WHITE SAGE – CLEAR & RELEASE THE BAD OR HEAVY VIBES I love sage and I think everyone who knows me or is a part of my FB group knows that I am a sage girl! I sage nearly daily to help clear energies, reset myself, and because I'm empathic and pick up on other's energies so easily I am always needing to clear others off of me.

PALO SANTO – CLEAR. CENTER. HEAL. Sometimes you find Palo Santo that doesn't burn all that well, that's the probably I have had at least. The palo santo Kelsey includes though burns so well and really infuses the positive vibes. For those of you who don't know palo santo, it's a holy wood that is good to use with sage because while sage clears negative energy, palo santo infuses the positive.

JOURNAL – TOOL FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH As someone who journals daily, I go through them quickly. I am also very particular about what my journal looks like and this one is beyond perfect. It fits the vibe that I want and shows what I'm using it for, which is gratitude, visualization, manifestation and more.

HESHIMA SCARF – COLLABORATION WITH THE MAISHA COLLECTIVE The scarf is a purple and grey blend that is a one of a kind scarf. The Maisha Collective that Kelsey worked with for these all handmade these scarfs for the box. Each scarf even has a tag with information about who personally made the one you're receiving. The scarf is incredibly soft and is like wrapping yourself in a hug. INTENTION & MOON CARDS – TO SET MONTHLY INTENTIONS AND IGNITE MOON RITUALS The last thing included in the box is intention and moon ritual cards. I am a huge person on setting monthly rituals, so I love that I have a card for each month and keep it out easier than the page I write on in my journal. I am so excited to write my November intentions in my journal and then make it extra creative on my card and post it near my desk! There are also the moon ritual cards where for every month of the box, there are full and new moon ritual cards and how to practice and make a ritual. I love harnessing the energies of the moon and it's cycles, so these are amazing and if you're new to learning about moon circles then these will be extra good for you!

Are you ready to get your own box yet? I figured! You can visit here to order yours today!

You can also learn more about Kelsey at her website!

Find Your Passion. Fuel Your Creativity. Love Your Life.

This post is not sponsored and I make no commission off of readers ordering the Magik Vibes box. I am only here to spread the word and the love of this subscription box.