Spiritual Shifts: What's Going On Currently

I think most of you can already tell that I'm a pretty spiritual person -- from my crystal loving ways to meditation to being an energy healer through Reiki and Certified Crystal Healing. It's not news that I'm into the woo woo and dive in deep with this stuff. As each day passes, I feel myself getting into things deeper and learning more.

If you would have asked me a few years ago if I would be on this path or this journey, I would have surely said no. I could never see myself doing the things that I'm doing. Ok, maybe I could see my own personal crystal work and meditation, but that would be it. I would have never guessed I'd be an energy healer, running a heart-centered business -- hell a business at all! I've dreamed of having one for a long time, but I never thought it would be at such a young age in my life. The most "spiritual" I had ever gotten previously was yoga and while I still love yoga and take it regularly and practice it daily at my own home, if I'm not in the studio, my practice has deepened so much since starting this journey. I connect with my mind and body in a way I never have before.

There are a few things that I have been dipping my toes into lately and that I'm thinking about pursuing in a more full-time fashion soon. I thought instead of a blog post talking about one specific topic, today I'd talk about what I'm up too in this current moment and what I'm preparing for in my spiritual journey next.


One thing that I've been super drawn to is Shamanism. I first started learning a bit about it via a few different podcasts and I

was immediately drawn to it and the idea of not only being a healer, even more so, but to be in contact with others and other beings through channeling to help heal people. Since I was first introduced to it, I've been doing some self-study and reading a few Shamanic books that I found online that were highly recommended. While as far as I know, I don't have an ancestry line to Shamanism, I am looking to be trained to be one.

My Reiki master is also on a Shamanic path and told me about her Shamanic teacher. I have been looking into her course and how she teaches and I am really excited about it. Shamanic healing and tools seem to align so well with what I'm doing and where I want to go in my life. The Shaman I'm looking to study with is one of the Elder Shamans, which means she is a direct ancestor to an original Shaman. Shaman Maggie is teaching the ways of the ancient Shaman practices and while I'm sure other Shamanic teachers are doing the same, I find the idea of working with someone so closely related to the beginnings calling to me.

As many of you know, I am a full time graduate student as well. I am graduating in December of this year and turn my thesis in November 1st, only two short weeks away, so after I turn my thesis in and while I finish up my grad school career, I think is when I am going to dive into my Shamanic studies. While ever since I have found and learned of Shaman Maggie, I have wanted to dive in, I know that I push my boundaries too much and can't take on more until at least my thesis is turned in -- I also work full time at OrangeTheory Fitness, run this site/shop by myself, and then grad school, I also try to have a social life!


Another thing I have been trying my hand at lately that somewhat goes with what I will be learning in my Shamanic studies is channeling. I have been working on channeling many different beings as of lately, no one set group or person. I first channeled almost on accident during my first Reiki training. During the attunement, while my master and her two students who are training to become a master were going around doing the attunement, I had two of my spirit guides reach out to me.

At this time, I had been trying to reach out to them and to communicate with them, but I wasn't sure how. I was still learning different ways of getting tapped in with them. I think opening my head to the light and the energy of Reiki helped to switch that side of me on and open to receive from them.

It was the strangest thing because I wasn't sure who I was seeing at first. I had only ever seen a spirit guide once and it wasn't mine, it was my friend Mary's and that happened by a total accident! When I saw mine, I was unsure if this was something I was making up in my mind or actually them. It can be hard when channeling sometimes because often what you see and hear seems like it's just your mind and your imagination, but you have to learn to separate what is you and what is coming from a higher source. After a minute of seeing them, I heard one of them, the man, speak. He told me I'm on the right path by getting Level I Reiki certified and to continue this path. I was blown away.

The man was young, probably like 20's and had shaggy brown hair. He had black framed glasses on and a button down. The woman guide I saw had fire red hair and red lips, I don't recall anything else about her and she didn't speak to me that day, but her hair was unforgettable. Growing up as a bright red haired child, it was something that just really resonated with me. Some people know their spirit guides, as in it's someone who has passed away, I don't know mine. I mean, I didn't know them in my real life. I've only communicated fully with them once more, but I'm working on opening up to them more and seeing if there are any others out there.

My second wave of channeling has been with the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective. Yes, they are considered an alien race. No, I am not crazy. I have always believed that there has to be more life in the galaxy then humans on Earth. When I first started learning of the Pleiadian's and other non-physical beings, I was immediately drawn to them as I am with Shamanism. I have been listening to a lot of podcasts recently talking about the Pleidian's and many of them had Wendy Kennedy on them who has been channeling and communicating with them and other alien races for years now.

The other night, I tried to channel them as I was laying down for bed, I didn't communicate with them, but felt a shock of electricity run through my body. Yesterday and today, after doing a long meditation, I tried again to channel them again. Yesterday, I felt a vibration throughout my whole body and then my eyes began to flutter like crazy. It was a sign that they were there, but then that's all I received. Today, I tried again. I felt the vibration in my body again and then I felt like my head was brought up to the clouds, a very light and airy feeling. I asked "can I communicate with you?" I heard "Not yet." I then asked "Why not?" They told me "it's not time yet, but it's coming."

I know how wild that sounds trust me, but it wasn't my own voice in my head -- well it was because often times as I said you hear your voice as others when you channel, but what I mean is it wasn't my mind saying these things. I am often in my head and know how my mind works and this wasn't me. I am looking forward to continuing to try and see when it is "my time."

Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)

The last big thing I have for this post is about yoga teacher training. I think I've mentioned it in another blog before, and I know

I've mentioned in on social media. I want to start my 200 hour training in January at my current yoga studio, Tribalance. I have been saving and nearly had $1000, which is close to half of it when I found out my financial aid got messed up this semester and I had to give the school nearly all of it. I'm back to square one and my application has to be in my December 31st. I'm hoping I can find a way to make it work as it's something I've wanted to do for over ten years now since I started my practice.

When I talked with Maddy May who reads Akashic Records for people, we had talked about the program. I asked if I was going in the right direction because I have held myself back from doing it for so long now. When she tapped into my records, she told me how it was such a beautiful thing that I was going for this. I'm passionate about body image and making women feel powerful and confident in their own bodies regardless of where they are in their lives, and she told me that teaching yoga would help me to do this and help me show women that they can be confident. She also told me it would help with my own body issues I have had and still have from time to time. If you're interested in Maddy's readings, I'll leave a link to her website at the bottom to get in contact with her!

I think those are the three main focuses I am working on currently alongside with continuing my Reiki training -- I am doing Level III this coming weekend (October 22!) As I continue with all of these things and hopefully save up the money for the YTT, I will keep you updated. I'm a little nervous to post this blog because while many of my soul sisters while totally get this path that I'm on, many of my real life friends and family I don't think will. I want to teach them about what I'm doing not to draw them into do it as well, but just to understand what I'm doing. Shamanism and channeling while are ancient practices as is reiki and crystals, it's not a "normal" path and therefore I know there are limitations when talking about it and telling people that you're doing it/working on it.

Maybe I'll start a monthly series called Spiritual Shifts to update on where I am and what I'm doing in my spiritual journey. Would anyone be interested in that? Send me an email or message on FB/IG if you would be into that!

Be Love. Be Light. Spread High Vibrations.

Maddy May's Akashic Readings: https://maddymayakashic.weebly.com

Photo Credits: Yoga Training Photo: https://tribalance.com Shamanic Photo: https://www.earthbliss.com/workshops/journey-of-the-shaman-5-class-series/