7 Ways to Protect Your Energy

As the seasons change and winter is starting to come in (at least in the U.S.), negative energy, negative people, and overall energy vampires lurk even more than in the warmer seasons. While it’s good to always be protecting your energy, especially if you’re empathic, you should hold up your guard even more come the times of the year where for many seasonal depression kicks in.

I have experienced seasonal depression (as well as clinical depression) and have many friends and family members who get seasonal depression every winter. It can be hard to stay positive and happy when it’s getting dark at 4 p.m. and it’s freezing outside. Yet, that doesn’t have to mean that we need to lower our vibration and become a different person. A person others might not want to be around. If anything, we need to be protecting ourselves as well as keeping our vibration high so that we can try to uplift others out of this situation.

Today, I’m going to share SEVEN of my top ways to protect yourself from energy vampires and low vibrational people. Even if you’re not empathic, someone who picks up on emotions extremely easily, you should be protecting yourself in some way.

1. Golden Light Bubble

Picturing yourself in a golden light bubble is the perfect way to protect yourself from others. While it sounds a little out there, probably the most out there one in this post, I think it can be a super effective one because it’s something you can be doing at any and all times.

For this, all you need to do is close your eyes and see your entire being surrounded a bubble that’s filled with golden (or white) light. These light colors bring in positivity and lightness, which is exactly what you want for yourself. When I say a bubble, you can really picture anything, the symbol of a bubble is just the easiest to picture how this works. It sounds a little funny, but I always see myself in one of those bubbles that people get in at fairs and carnivals for fun except this bubble is softer and more durable to hold the bounds of your energy in it.

2. Recharge time The next way to protect your energy is by having time daily to recharge yourself. I understand that everyone’s time is precious and we are all “busy” people. (I try my best not to use the word busy, but sometimes it is an easier word for people to understand rather than full.)

When it comes to recharging yourself, there are a multitude of practices that can come into play. One of the best ways is with a salt bath! You can use Epsom salt or pink Himalayan salt – whatever you prefer. To accentuate this experience, throw in some safe essential oils or loose flowers. Make the time relaxing and restorative. This will do wonders for your mind, body, soul, and energy!

Another way to recharge yourself is by reading a book (I love reading books like You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero, doing a lesson out of Kyle Gray’s book Raise Your Vibration, or Aim True by Kathryn Budig!) Writing is very helpful with protecting yourself too. When we write out things like gratitude lists, manifestation goals, and so on we are raising ourselves to be our highest self which in return allows us to continue vibrating at that higher level.

Lastly, a method you could use for recharging is meditation! I meditate daily, but many guided meditations, especially, help to put your mind at ease as well as allow you to bathe yourself in white or golden light (see I told you this was a thing!) It may seem strange since these acts are all about you and not being around anyone else, but when we take care of ourselves and recharge our own batteries then when we go out into the real world and have to deal with negative people and negative experiences, it’s easier for us not to fall into the old patterns and instantly lower our energy.

3. Be Present This almost seems too easy, but staying present and in the moment can be super difficult. When it comes to being at work, helping our family or even being in the gym it is all too easy to physically be there, but have our minds elsewhere.

If you stay present then your mind isn’t rushing to the could be’s or what if’s instead it’s focusing on how amazing things are now; how amazing you are now. The beauty of staying present is something I take for granted because I’m always thinking of the next thing whether that be in my business, my writing, something I need to do later, and so on.

I learned to stay present through constant and daily meditation as well as developing a yoga practice (especially if you’re in a studio and not at home, it’s much easier to focus on the present.)

When you stay present, you stay in the state that you’re in which means you’re not swaying to the whims of others feelings, emotions, and low vibration.

4.Time with Selenite and/or Smoky Quartz

Both selenite and smoky quartz (even black tourmaline) are super protective. Selenite is great for light protection due to its white color and its angelic communication ability. I try to carry selenite with me every day in my pocket or on a necklace to be sure I’m not only protected, but that I have access to my higher angels, if needed.

Smoky quartz and black tourmaline are both amazing protectors. They are deep rooted protectors that can take the negative energy out of

people. I have one of these two by every door into my house so that when someone enters, if there are any feelings of negativity, they can be wiped away so that my space stays light and safe.

You can use any or all of these crystals in your daily life, in meditation, to grid your house with -- I do all of them! You can never have enough of these three crystals in my book. I’m not trying to plug my own shop, but I do sell a Protect + Ground bundle in the shop for $15 and it can be found here.

5. Be in Nature Sometimes we don’t realize how much nature and the outside world can do for us. It’s easier to think in a negative space of what if someone does this or I end part of that. We can’t allow your minds to go there though.

Every day we need to try to get outside whether that’s by going for a walk, a run, stepping onto the patio, or my favorite way going barefoot into the grass (Earthing.) Feeling the vibration from Mother Nature and the idea that no matter what happens, 

she is never trying to actively harm us is beautiful. Stepping out barefoot and feeling the roots of your body touching the roots of the Earth is a feeling that will burst through your body. Nature can run its course throughout your body, which leave us happy and positive meaning if we are around an energy vampire, we are less likely to change to their ways because we’ve immersed ourselves in something so pure during the same day.

6. Breathing Techniques I love breathing exercise for a multitude of reasons (raising actual energy levels, allowing me to go into a deeper meditation, as well as making my body and mind more alert.) Breathing techniques though due to all of these reasons I just listed also aid in raising your vibration and protecting your energy from others.

One technique I love is breath of fire, a kundalini breathing technique I learned from the ladies of Elevate the Globe (I’ll link the video here.) When we practice breath of fire, we not only amp up our energy, but I feel so powerful and strong after practicing even three minutes of it, that going near someone who is negative won’t affect me because of the vibration it gives to me. There are numerous other breathing techniques and if you’re interested in learning more, I suggest you check out the YouTube channel linked above as Britt and Tara (Elevate the Globe) post breathing exercises all the time.

7. Release My last way to protect your energy is to release. Release what is no longer needed, no longer serving you; release people who are no longer helping you to be your best self. It’s great to do a release ritual on the night of a full moon (there’s one coming up on Thursday, October 5th, 2017 if you’re interested!)

The way in which I love to release because it’s almost therapeutic is to write down whatever it is that is holding me back, whoever isn’t supporting me, and/or whatever habits I need to let go of. Whatever it is you need to release, write down on a blank sheet of paper. Next, get a clear bowl (preferably glass) and fill it up with water. After you write down what you plan to release, give it a good look to know that you do not any longer need these things. Speak something out loud or to yourself such as "At one time, these things/people may have been good for me, but they no longer are anymore and I recognize this. I see that I need to let go of these things in order to step into my highest self and be a light to others surrounding me. Tonight, I release.” After speaking this, you will light the paper on fire and as it burns before it gets too crazy or burns your fingers, you’ll drop it into the bowl of water. I’ve heard that if the paper burns quickly it’s because you were really ready to let go of it whatever it is you are letting go of. If that paper burns slowly then there may be some feelings of being unsure of releasing these things/people.

Releasing what is no longer serving you is amazing to what it will do when you’re around energy vampires. If you have things, habits, people that are weighing down on you then when you are with these vampires you’ll be more likely to fall to these ways or people or think about how much they aren’t doing for you, which leads to a negative thoughts, feelings, and aura. 

While there are many other ways that can help when it comes to protecting yourself from energy vampires and low vibrational people, these are the ones I consistently use and know others use to keep themselves out of this state and allowing themselves to step into their highest selves.

No matter the situation, you can always come back to at least one of two of these things (golden bubble or crystals can always be with you!) and that way you’re never not protected. As an empath, I feel things so strongly from others. I can go on a walk happy and come home and feel depressed, unsure, sad and for no real reason as to why. It’s because I’ve walked by people that were exuberating these emotions and I picked up on them. Ever since protecting my energy and keeping myself protected all times when I’m not alone has become so key for me.

There are always times when you don’t consciously think about it and fall way to these thoughts and feelings, but when you do bring something into play to bring you back into your space and most importantly, yourself.

            Stay strong. Stay present. Be the light.