My Fitness Routine

When it comes to fitness, my routine has changed quite a bit since I started working out. My earliest memory of working out is in gym class when it would take me thirty minutes to WALK the mile run. Yeah, trust me; I know how bad that is.

As I talked about in my Body Image blog, I actually started getting into fitness my junior year of undergrad. I used to take Les Mills Step class three times a week and on the other days I would do light lifting and running outside or when I was living in the dorm, I would just run outside. I would also take yoga classes any time that I could! Fun fact, I’ve been doing yoga off and on since high school (that’s like ten years ago, how wild!)

After graduation of my undergrad is when I started really taking fitness seriously. I never thought I’d love lifting, but joke was on me because I loved it. I bought a plan from Nikki Blacketter, who in her earlier YouTube days had more fitness plans available on her site. I worked 1:1 with Nikki for twelve weeks and it was intense, to say the least. In her program, she had, if I recall correctly, five days of lifting with three or so of those days having cardio and then your last day of the week was a plyo day.

In those twelve weeks, I saw how drastically my body changed and she also had me on my macro coaching plan with my food intake and

between both of those things, I fell in love with fitness. I mentioned also in my body image blog that eventually during this time is when I became unhealthy with myself. I think I developed orthorexia, but was never diagnosed, at the time I didn’t think anything was wrong.

It was after my twelve weeks with Nikki and I felt I needed to up my game even more because I was going to do her lifting plan still, but didn’t

want my body to get too used to things. While all the workouts I was doing during this time were good workouts and on their own would’ve been fine, it was the fact that I was combining all of these workouts in one day, six days a week with my obsessive macro counting that things went a little haywire for me.

I would lift for an hour or so every day, run three to five miles outside (I had finally began to love running and was good at it, like I hadn’t been before), plus I would do yoga or a FitnessBlender video on YouTube. Sometimes if I felt my cardio needed even more I would do a Beachbody Shaun T workout such as Insanity or T-25.

When you think about how this combined was a two to three hour routine depending on how much time I had available that day, you can see how unhealthy I was about it. I was also working two part time jobs during this time, so typically sixty-eighty hours depending on the week. How did I find the time for this much exercise? I don’t know.

More recently though, I’ve found a much more relaxed approach to fitness and food. I will have a later blog about food and my eating habits, so this won’t focus as much on that. Today, I workout more when I have the time or am feeling like I need too. As much as I would like to be working out five to six days a week, with my schedule (working at a bank, full time grad student finishing thesis, and running my own business alone) I don’t always have the extra energy. Not an excuse, but I know how I can get and I am not going to allow myself to go down that path again

While I still like to lift, lately my body has not been feeling or fueled by heavier and more intense workouts. Knowing my body has been a game changer for me because I know what I need. I have been diving even deeper into my yoga practice lately. I even joined my dream yoga studio, Tribalance. I do try to go there three to four times at least because yoga helps me release the stress and tension from everything else that I carry in my body.

I still have my regular gym membership as when winter comes, I know I’ll want to do cardio there instead of running outside (because who likes being outside in winter when living in Chicago area? No one!) I also know that in a few months, I’ll probably want to start lifting again and not using my body as weights through yoga.

Lately, if I have wanted a bit more intense workout aside from my yoga classes, I have found myself using Beachbody on Demand and doing programs such as Shift Shop so that I keep my agility, strength, and cardiovascular levels still up.

The most exciting thing about my fitness journey was two things. One, in 2015 I became a certified personal trainer through ISSA. While that has since expired, it was amazing to get to know the knowledge of the body and how building a program for others as well as yourself works. The second exciting thing about my journey is starting in January 2018 I am going to start my 200—hour Yoga Teacher Training at Tribalance! I am so excited for this because I have wanted to teach yoga since I was back in high school, if I’m being honest.

One thing I will be bringing to the site is mentorship programs in weightlifting and eventually after my YTT in yoga! I can’t wait to share the knowledge and the feeling of falling in love with working out and in lifting and yoga in general. Those will always be my two favorite things.

Be the change in your own life and inspire others.

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