Finding Your Authentic Light

There aren’t a lot of people who know exactly what they are doing, where they are going, and what they really want out of life. For a lot of people it could take an upwards of twenty to forty years before they figure these things out. While that’s totally ok, I think once you do find your magical light at the end of the tunnel, the entire world begins to change.

Since I can remember I have been a writer. I knew I wanted to write, so for me that part of life wasn’t hard to figure out. Although, I did know that I wanted to do more than just write. This is the part that took a while for me! When I say a while, I mean I just fully figured it out now twenty-six years into my existence.

Many people go to college after high school and then either go to graduate school or go into a career that maybe isn’t all they have ever wanted. Some people go into the career they think they want only to later realize it’s not what they were actually hoping for out of their life. I think whether you want to own a business, work with a company, or are just hoping to land that dream job you have to align yourself first with what it is you want.

It wasn’t until I started tuning into what I wanted out of my life that I realized my need to help others through struggles and needs that I once had and went through, but I also wanted to share my writing at the same time. This is how Hollie Stark Holistic Wellness was born.

I had gotten into meditation, crystal work, and self-development a few years before, but once I aligned my business and life goals to this higher purpose of serving others that is when things felt like they fell into place for me. I finally felt like I was helping others achieve the high vibe and delicious life that I was leading and this lifestyle is SO infectious!

Finding that authenticity is a journey though; I ended up reading a ton of books, learning all about crystal work, getting my crystal healing certification, starting my reiki journey, meditation, tarot and oracle card pulls for myself and others, and more. I learned more about my empathic and clairvoyant paths that I was so deeply connected too and didn’t realize until I went onto my path that I was both of these things and they helped me to understand myself and the way I react so much more than ever.

I think to find your light in the world can be done so through many ways. I have heard people find it from going to a psychic, medium, or someone who can read past lives; people find it through yoga or meditation, through reading and/or writing. I found part of my light through a Facebook group as well, SoulSistersOnFire. There are beautiful, energetic souls in the group that helped bring a whole new light to my life.

Surrounding yourself with others who will lift you up and help you shine brings so much more to your own journey or path.

Some of my best resources to help the path to find your authentic light are

-kundalini yoga

-meditation (I have a few great ones from YouTube I use, if anyone is interested send me a message)

-Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell

-The Soul Searcher’s Handbook by Emma Mildon

-Joining a FB group such as the one I mentioned above or my personal group, Crystal Healing & Holistic Living

-The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein

While I could go on and I’ve already named many ways through this post to help you find your light in this world, I wanted to name a few other ones. I think finding your light and being a source of light to others in life is so important. As I said, this light will also help to align you with the path you want to take in your life, which when you get there you realize how amazing it is to be living your full truth.