The Best in Self Development Books

Ever since I started getting into my spiritual practice I have thrived off of reading self-development and self-improvement books. I have felt incredibly inspired and take action because of them. It helps that many of these books have sections throughout that literally call you to action! If it wasn't for finding this books when I did, which was right at the time that I was getting back into journaling and getting into meditation, I don't think I would be where I am today.

While the list below is only a few of the books I adore there are so many more. I have bookshelves filled of more and an Amazon wish list that serves the purpose of just this style of books as well. Don't fear I'm sure in the future there will be a part two or even three, four, five of this post. For now we'll dive in. These are some of the first self-development books I got into and remain some of my tried and true after reading them multiple times. 

Are you ready to level up, beautiful? Here we go! 

Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambosini

Melissa's book states right on the cover "The No-BS guide to silencing your inner critic and becoming wildly wealthy, fabulously healthy, and bursting with love." 

This book was one of the very first I came across in my journey of self-discovery. One of the reasons I think it is so effective is because we all have that voice in our head that says we're not good enough, smart enough, can't do this or that, and so on. Melissa helps to silence that voice and allow your true self to take control. As someone who deals with a lot of mental and physical thoughts that have been negative, this book changed my game. It helped me to realize when I was being negative and how to turn it into positive thoughts. 

She also has sections throughout where she wants you to write it out. I know towards the beginning of the book, there is a section where she is talking about releasing fear. In the chapter, you write out what you are fearing and cross it out. It's so powerful. And it's just writing and crossing the words out, but until you're told to do it, you don't realize how much you can release from it. 

One other thing I LOVE about this book is the Soul Shares throughout. If anyone has ever been to Melissa's website, I'm sure you've seen these, but she also tucks them into the book as well. Soul Shares are all about bringing you up, raising your vibe, and empowering you. Boy, does Melissa bring it with these! 

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

Jen's book is what everyone needs in their life. I'm currently on my second (maybe third) read through. Every time you read this book, you'll find another gem of information. Jen is brutally honest and has a sense of humor that reflects in the book. As a writer, I know how hard that in particular can be. She tells you things like listen if your life sucks and you know it sucks, there's a problem. Get off your ass and change it. It's that hard hitting feel of her words that make you want to take action.

Jen starts with how you got to be the way you are (and if you're picking up this book more than likely you need it) then she delves into things such as embracing it, tapping into it, letting go the bullshit, and living your kickass life. 

One thing I really enjoy about Jen's book is that she breaks down part into lists, bullet points, and so on. This for me makes it easier to re-read and look back over. When things are centered differently on a page, for me personally, I'm more likely to remember them and go back to find them, so this tool works. 

Like Melissa's Soul Shares, Jen has sections throughout that are a standout quote that she puts in your face (in the best way possible.) If you're unsure of how to build up your life and become a total badass in whatever it is you do, you NEED Jen's book! 

Adventures For Your Soul & Find Your Happy: Daily Mantras by Shannon Kaiser

So, here, I am have two books technically. Since they are both by Shannon Kaiser though, I figured I'd combine them together! To start with, Adventures For Your Soul is a great book to start with if you are new to self-development. It was also one of my first books to delve into. With this book, Shannon has parts that I adore that give you journaling prompts. She has so many of these throughout and this is one of the things that led me back into such a strong journaling practice. 

In this book, she also has Mantra Motivations. This girl is all about the mantras as you'll see in Find Your Happy: Daily Mantras! In AFYS though, Shannon really breaks down feeling the feelings and nudges that life is giving you and how to work through them. Her book is all about teaching you to perform at your absolute highest potential. 

In the Daily Mantra's book, Shannon has 365 mantras to work through. You can read page after page daily or do as I did/do when using this book and flip to a page feeling energetically connected to it for that particular day. With each page, she breaks down a small section talking about a certain thing, gives you a mantra, and then gives you a question in which she leaves space on the pages for you to answer. It's a fun book when you're new to mantras because while learning them she is also having you take action with each one. I adore this book and pull it out frequently! 

#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

This was one of the first "entrepreneur" type of books I ever read. While it is very much a self-improvement book as well, Sophia shares her story from rising up to nothing to owning Nasty Gal, a HUGE company. This book is so empowering because it shows that literally anyone with a good idea can start a business. She proves it to a lot of people that she's worth the risk and that is worth it because of her gift with these clothing. 

I found this book incredibly inspiriting because along with telling her story she also shares along the way what it felt like to hire her first employee, buy her URL domain, and ultimately how to take care of your business. I adored how open she was and how she thanked all the shitty jobs she had in her past for leading her to where she needed to be when she started Nasty Gal. I feel like I can very much relate to that part of her story and when you can relate to any piece of someone's story/book, it makes all the more valuable to you. 

Whether you believe it or not, Sophia is one kickass #Girlboss

A Little Bit of Chakras by Amy Leigh & Chad Mercree

This little book is such a gem! There are a lot of books that I've seen that are "A Little Bit of..." and I had picked up the crystals one before, but never bought it. I had followed Amy and Chad on social media though and knew how infectious her personality was and knew I had to pick this one up. If you're new to chakra work, this book is perfect. 

It starts out with breaking down what chakras are, the history and how to use her book. Then they dives head first into the root chakra and covers all seven of the main chakras. With each chapter, they breaks down what the chakra is, it's color, as well as gives you exercises on how to connect with each chakra, meditations to connect with the different chakras and more.  

This book is physically smaller than the others, but even as someone who knows a lot about the charkas, I still find myself coming back to the exercises and knowledge they lays out in this book! 

The Soul Searchers Handbook by Emma Mildon

I can't say enough good things about Emma Mildon's book. When I dived into the world of crystals and meditation especially this book was a big one for me. Emma considers herself a Spiritual PA because she is here to share the info, the knowledge, and help everyone get in alignment with these energetic things. 

Emma's book is a aesthetically pleasing book and is filled with pinks and purples which makes the whole journey through the book fun. If you're looking for a longer read, but want to learn about crystals, numerology, aromatherapy, charkas, dreams, past lives, feng shui and more this is the book for you! Emma is a wealth of knowledge and she encompasses so much in this book. She goes past the surface work and really breaks things down, which I appreciate especially when I was so new to all of these things. 

As I write this post and know how much I've grown since reading this book, I can't help but want to start going back to it while I'm re-reading You Are a Badass. Now that I understand so much more information on these areas, I think it would be so cool to go back and re-work my way through this book. 

Emma will forever be my personal Spiritual PA, I've even had a dream we were besties, so I think it's fate. 

Aim True by Kathryn Budig 

My last book for this post is one I have bookmarked and dogeared like no other! Kathryn's approach to what Aim True means to her is so empowering. For people who don't know, Kathryn is quite well known in the yoga world and what she does in this book is break down different yoga poses and sequences for certain things. Recipes that she thinks will help you live your best life and how to discover balance in your life. 

One of my favorite parts of this book is all the little details throughout. Like Emma's book this book is so aesthetically pleasing on the inside too and it's full color which is amazing when it comes to all the yoga and recipes! She threads things like mantras, work/life balance, bringing yoga into your day to day life, and eating without fear. If any of  you know me, you know that I have had a lot of food fear in the past and have since broken past it and I think part of it had to do with this book. I'm so passionate about fear of food that I want to eventually do a whole workshop on it, so thanks Kathryn for helping me rise up! 

Like many of the other books, Kathyrn has call to actions throughout as well such as writing a love letter to yourself! This one in particular was one of my favorite parts looking back on it because at the time, I was anything but in love with myself. 


That's all the books I have for this time, but as I said I'm sure there will be more books to come. I mean hello, I haven't even gotten into Gabby Bernstein or Rebecca Campbell! 

I hope you're inspired to pick one or all of these up if you haven't read them! They are all life changing in their own ways, so get ready to totally dig deep and level up your game. 

Look out too because there might be a sneaky little chance that in the semi-near future I'll be doing a giveaway with a few of these books. Just an FYI.