How to Build an Epic Morning Routine

Do you ever feel like your wake up in the morning just to jump into your day and not in the pleasant way?

Do you feel like you don't have any "me" time?

Well, babe, I have a solution for you and here's the secret... It's all about your morning routine.

I know not everyone loves the mornings and it's hard enough for them to wake up early enough to get ready and go to work let alone spend time on themselves, but trust me once you start seeing the noticeable differences you'll be sending me messages like GIRL WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS BEFORE?!

So here are my top secrets on building an epic morning routine.

First, when I wake up. I stretch before ever leaving bed. It helps move my muscles and because I always sleep crazy, it helps me realign myself. If I don't have work that day or I go in a little later then I just usually wake naturally, which for me is still early. Many times though I open at my other job, which is a bank, so instead of waking at 5:30 a.m. like I used too, I wake up at 5 a.m. for this morning routine.

After I stretch my body out, I'll pad my way into the kitchen to make coffee and pet the cats. While the coffee brews, I go to my sacred space or sometimes just the oversized chair in my living room, depending on what I'm being called to that morning, and meditate. I used to only be able to meditate for five minutes a day. My mind was too cluttered and didn't know how to still itself. As with everything though, it takes practice. So if you are at the point where you don't feel like you can meditate right now, it's ok. It takes time. Start with five minutes and build yourself up. There are amazing benefits to meditation. Turn on an app like Headspace or Calm or find a Youtube video you enjoy. Heck, you can even pop over to my Meditation Station page under the Shop link and listen to one of those!

Meditating to me is all about teaching yourself something. Through meditation, I helped myself get rid of my depression and anxiety. I also have allowed myself to open my head up to spiritual realms and aura colors and spirit guides. Meditation is so necessary for our mind, body, and soul. When we meditate we connect with ourselves on a whole different level. I never felt so in-tune with myself, my emotions, and my choices until I found meditation. Guys, she's powerful and you need to be doing it. A lot of successful people start their days with meditation because they know just how amazing it is.

Something I do along with my meditation is crystal healing. I don't perform a session on myself, but I use crystals within my meditation. Sometimes I will just hold them in my left or right hand depending what I want to give/receive that day (see my Crystal Meditation video for more info on this!) and other times I will have crystals placed on certain areas of my body for aligning my chakras or if I'm doing a specified chakra meditation.

The other thing I do directly after my meditation is journaling. I don't believe when people say they "can't journal." Everyone can journal and

honestly I think everyone should. It is so beneficial to gain and release. The first thing I always do is write a gratitude list. Some days this consist of three things and other days this consist of fifteen things. It all depends on the day. I do a few other journaling techniques daily or almost daily. The first one being visualization manifestation. What this is is writing out things you want to happen, but the trick is writing them as if they are happening in the NOW. For instance, if I'm writing about my business taking off (even though at the moment I am writing this I haven't launched yet) I would write something like

I am so happy and grateful that so many people are visiting the blog and the store. I didn't expect this much of an outcome and instant boom that this baby of mine is. I have received messages from women everywhere and working with women everywhere to help them up level their game and change their lives for the better. I never thought I'd be in the position to own my own business and own my own life like this.

That's it! You write about things you want to manifest into your life. Act like you have the job, the money, the partner you've dreamt of. When we act as if we have these things we change our energy and are vibrating at a higher frequency which means that energetically we're open to receive more. Isn't that what we want? I definitely do and ever since I've started this journaling technique, things have shifted for me BIG time.

The other main thing I do in my journal is brain dump. Sometimes I have so many ideas, thoughts, actions, etc. to do that it's a nice space to write it out. Write out what I'm excited for, scared about, unsure of, loving and so on.

Another part of my morning routines on Sunday's and just days I need it is card pulls. On Sunday's I pull a past, present, and future pull and if I pull during the week it is solely focused on one card to speak to me. I use the deck by Doreen Virtue called Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards. They are always spot on and it's kind of amazing. I would definitely check them out! During this time, I also try to read something to improve myself. Currently I am re-reading You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero. If I don't have time for reading in the morning then I always be sure to read at night before bed to relax myself.

My second to last thing I do every morning is perform a reiki session on myself. Sometimes it lasts 15-20

minutes and other times I'll do a quick session that is less than five minutes. Again, it depends on my schedule for the day. Performing Reiki on myself helps not only work on my practice, but it helps clear and align my chakras for the day. When your chakras are in alignment everything else flows so much better. I am currently Level I Reiki attuned, so I'm very much still learning therefore having this daily practice allows me to enhance my healing so that later it'll allow me to heal others better.

My last part of my morning is breakfast and coffee! Yes, I do drink coffee. I used to drink A LOT, but I have cut it down to 1-2 cups a day with just some almond milk or nut pods, if I have any on hand. I don't do sugar and I don't do milks with sugars, so I keep it "clean." Usually for breakfast, I love to do a smoothie. Smoothies never used to fill me up because i would fill them with fruit and lots of sugar. Ever since I read Kelly LeVeque's book Body Love though I learned the essentials to smoothie making, which are having essential fats, proteins, fiber, and greens. My typical smoothie is all about spinach, Alohoa protein powder, maca powder, Trader Joe's mixed nut butter, almond milk, flax or chia seeds, Brain Octane oil, and then I top with shredded coconut and granola. With all the good stuff packed into this smoothie, it holds me over to lunch without snacking on a bunch of unnecessary foods!

That's it. That is my epic morning routine. Not all of these things are for everyone and even if you just bring in

meditation and journaling, I think it'll be super beneficial for you. You will feel more energized, higher vibe, happier, and more at ease with your mind, body and soul and I think I can speak for all of us when I say that's something we all want.

Have questions about getting together a routine? Let me know and reach out!