This is only the beginning...

Hello and welcome to all you beautiful souls. I’m so happy to have all of you join me here at Hollie Stark Holistic Wellness! I wanted to have this initial blog post just to sort out what I aim to do here and with all of you!

First off, I want to talk, connect, and get to know you all, so never hesitate to reach out or message me! I love what I do and I love connecting with people who are interested in any of the avenues I am passionate about. Feel free to click on any of my social links and say hi or send an email!

Next, my mission here is to create a hub of information. I follow so many amazing bloggers that focus on crystals, holistic health, workouts, yoga, food, etc., but I don’t know of a lot of blogs that do it all and that’s what I want to do. I’m a girl who practices all of it. I eat healthy, I cook, I practice crystal healing and meditation, I lift heavy weights, I practice yoga, I am a crystal junkie, I heal with Reiki! I want to share all of these niche passions with you and want you to feel like you can go to one place to find out info about these areas!

Plus, with the addition of the crystal shop and the mentorship programs/1:1 life coaching is how I will get to help you all more hands on! I love finding crystals, creating bundles, and hand selecting what is going into the shop and that’s why I wanted to create it! As for the mentorship programs and 1:1 life coaching, those will launch in a few months, more than likely, but I want to create beginners guide to veganism, to weight lifting, and to holistic health. Those are my top three priority programs because I get so many questions on all of these areas and when you’re new to any of these things you can be overwhelmed with information so I want to streamline that process and make some amazing programs to help anyone out! With the life coaching, I will have packages for 3-6 months where we can work together to talk, to heal, to thrive. These too will be launching at the end of the year.

Eventually, once i am a higher level Reiki certified, I want to offer distance healing sessions as well. I'm only at Level 1 though now, so that will take it's own time.

I’m so excited to be here and I can’t wait to see what happens from here. Thank you for reading this and being on my blog. Check out the shop to see if any beauties call to you and if you’re looking for something specific, leave me a message, email, or comment and we’ll find what’s a good crystal for you!

All the light and love to each of you!