I combine Reiki, Crystal Healing and other modalities to assist during a healing session. Most sessions last around 1-hour and the person receiving the healing will be laying down during most of the session. Our first time together, we'll talk before getting starting to see what is going on, what is coming up for you, and what you want me to to focus on (if anything) during our session. 

What happens during a healing session?

During a session, I combine reiki healing techniques with crystal healing. The person receiving the healing will lay down on a bed, fully clothed, while I, the healer, will practice different hand positions on and off of the body. I begin by doing a short meditation and opening up to the reiki energy while having you do some breath work to tune into your body and relax. I will be using different ancient symbols throughout the session to help with different areas in the chakras that may need extra healing and/or attention. Whether in-person or distance, I will be using certain crystals to place on (or around) the body. They crystals may be in a geometric shape or a grid. This will amplify the reiki energy I am sending out to you, your body, your aura, and your overall energetic field. During the session, I also use other tools such as pendulums and/or crystal wands to “muck” up the energy in different chakras to get them working properly (not over or under active.) I will be tuning in to any messages from your spirit guides, angels, and your higher self to pass along to you throughout the session.

What is reiki? 

Reiki is spiritually guided life energy (Universal Life Energy) that is channeled though the practitioner performing the session. Reiki helps to relax and harmonize the mind, body and spirit. It can also help with chakra balancing. 

What is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is a holistic, non-invasive, energy-based system of healing. It can help treat a person's entire energy system. It is relaxing as well as therapeutic.


How can I benefit from crystal healing?
-Balances energy and chakras

-Relax and ease the body

-Strengthens immune system

-Relieve symptoms of stress related diseases

-Can help ease depression and anxiety

-Can help with blocked areas (chakras) of your life

-Can create peace and harmony within your life

-Induces clarity and enhances awareness 

-Promotes natural self-healing

-Clears toxins

-Promotes creativity

-Aids in meditation and positivity

How do I know I need to schedule another session?

While it's completely up to the individual, I will usually suggest another session if you are feeling like your energy is off, stuck, or you are intuitively connected and know you need a tune-up in your energy centers. It's really a personal preference, but I am open to working with you as much, or as little, as you'd like. 


Once ordered, please email me at holliestark1@gmail.com to schedule your virtual session. 


**Due to COVID, all sessions are virtual. They can either be pre-recorded and sent to you so that you can do it on your own time OR we'll meet on Zoom!**

Energy Healing Session

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$47.00Sale Price